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The best Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for business 

If you are looking to buy a new applicant tracking system to help with your recruiting and talent acquisition efforts, HRLocker is a natural choice for any business.

HRLocker is a great tool to automate your hiring process through better sourcing, streamlined workflows, and customizable functionality like career sites, job board distribution and candidate communications.

There is no doubt your team’s recruiting process can be accelerated by the benefits of a modern ATS, and HRLocker can provide you with the best there is to offer.

Applicant Tracking System Benefits

It is important to understand that buying new applicant tracking software is not straightforward, especially if you are going to transition your old software to a new solution. Therefore, it’s important to think about the benefits of new recruiting software in order to justify the time and cost.

With the help of HRLocker, you can reap many benefits including:

Employer Branding: ATS will help your organisation to build a career site through a customisable page that show off your culture to potential hires. Our ATS will also integrate with a large number of jobs boards and social networks like LinkedIn to distribute content.

Talent Pools: Building talent pipelines of qualified candidates allows your recruiting team to decrease time to fill, by keeping warm the people you may want to hire in the future.  This way, your recruiting process doesn’t start from ground zero each time you require hours of sourcing just to get started.

Hiring and Onboarding: A new ATS isn’t just about optimizing your recruiting process, it can also help make sure employees are onboarded in a timely and effective manner.

Analytics: Employers need to understand their hiring process through the use of smart dashboards which are able to pull out the data that makes the talent acquisition team that much more effective: recruiter productivity, and the cost per hire and cost per applicant for various job boards.

Cloud-Based Solution: Many human resources teams are working off a premise solution that doesn’t take advantage of cloud architecture.  Other than government bodies, every other human resource team out there needs to leverage the cost and product benefits of a cloud-based platform.

Customized Workflows: A modern applicant tracking system will allow your talent acquisition team to build a recruiting process that is bespoke to your firm’s needs. Unique workflows for processing applications, screening candidates, nurturing them with employer branding content, collecting feedback, etc can all lead to more efficient hiring.

Advice For Buying The Best ATS

HRLocker aims to guide you through the process of buying the best ATS and help you avoid purchasing an ATS that does not fit the needs of your business. That is why we provide the following guidelines when our clients are considering purchasing:

More than applicant tracking: Look for applicant tracking software that can help schedule interviews, supercharge employee referrals, and general help your human resources team more efficiently hire and onboard employees.

Hiring Process: Work with your hiring managers, employees, and recruiters to understand what weaknesses they see in your hiring process.  Buying a new ATS  should involve all of the stakeholders across a given employer.

Understand the Roadmap: It’s important to understand a company’s product roadmap, how impactful those features will be, and the company’s track record of delivering on that roadmap.

Feature Focus: ATS’s have an amazing number of features.  Our advice is to pick 3-5 must-haves and use them to determine whether you want to go with a given vendor.

Look at ROI: A lot of HR teams look at an ATS as a must-have piece of software which is essentially a workflow tool with some compliance features built in.  But a modern applicant tracking systems drive ROI through sourcing and recruitment marketing capabilities, and the ability to drive more value from the entire employee lifecycle.

Despite higher cost than you may be paying now, a modern ATS is a great investment for companies where talent is a competitive advantage for their business, and those companies competing in tight labour markets.

HRLocker is a people management solution with a built-in recruitment module to help you hire key talent for your organisation.

If you would like to talk to us about our applicant tracking module or improving your HR process, get in touch, we’d love to chat!

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