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Lean on Me – A Support Story

A google search of “Support” gives us:

  1. bear all or part of the weight of; hold up
  2. give assistance to, especially financially.

What does it mean to be part of the customer support team at HRLocker?

Do we [support] hold up the product?

No. I think the product stands on its own. HRLocker offers functionality that stands up well without any brace required.

Do we give assistance?

Yes, I hope we do!

To help our customers on a daily basis, is something I truly enjoy.

It’s rewarding working in a company like HRLocker, with the smell of the ocean each morning awakening the senses. (On the cold winter days, the driving rain accompanying the ocean scent, wakes me up even faster!)

We are a small group, but eclectic. Diverse personalities make for some interesting, fun and occasionally absurd chats!

The support role here in HRLocker suits my personality. My wish to “fix stuff” or help people is sated in this role.

Did I mention my enquiring mind, aged 9, resulted in my ‘Operation’ game no longer working. BUT I did know how it used to work!

I like to help and, answering queries, resolving issues or gathering information to improve our product all fulfil my needs and lead to a positive work experience for myself.

Why positive? Because quite simply we have all experienced the “helpline hell experience”.

Calling a general number, redirecting call through 5 different departments, to be left on hold for 17 minutes and then to have some belligerent drone request that I turn my PC off and on. Seriously?

In my two years to date in the HRLocker support team I’ve NEVER asked someone to turn of their PC.

Once a customer suggested it and while I agreed it couldn’t hurt I couldn’t say it was necessary.

Maybe we’re lucky in HRLocker to have a superior customer base!

But as a general rule, our customers ask for and receive assistance and any help required, resulting in both customer and support staff feeling satisfied!

Thanks for reading! Liz

Lean on Me – A Support Story was last modified: January 13th, 2022 by Liz Byrt

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