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How to Select an Applicant Tracking System

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Here’s some advice  on picking the right solution and vendor for your needs.

(The no. 1 takeaway is to select a system that is easy-to-use and install / deploy across your organisation.)

As a business expands, so too does it’s need for talented people to take it to the next level of growth. Its hard to spot talent from hundreds of applicants vying for positions without overwhelming your recruitment team.

This is where the need for good applicant management is essential.

Finding an ATS online is simple. But what makes a good ATS  – and what should you be focused on when selecting a system?

  1. Choose an ATS that’s easy to use for both applicants and recruiters. Ask the online HR Software seller to walk you through the system and use of the dashboard. The less time spent on training HR personnel, the faster applicants can be processed and the new system implemented and integrated.
  2. Onboarding is an important consideration when choosing an ATS. Make sure that the system can bridge the gap of communication between HR and other departments to allow for a more streamlined hiring process.
  3. Get your solution from a reliable company with a history of good service and stability.  You don’t want to buy a service from a company that won’t be able to deliver in a few months time. Take time to study the company as well as the service offered.
  4. Make sure the system has a social interface for you to post and accept applications via social networking sites. Social channels increase your ROI and increase brand awareness. Company branding is no longer exclusive to marketing, but also in recruiting talented people.

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