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Ten reasons why online timesheets will make you the office hero

Online Timesheets – The Benefits


Online Timesheets Infographic

Timesheet software:

1. Saves space onsite and cuts offsite paper filing service costs
2. Cuts time spent on submission/approvals with digital upload and receipt functionality
3. Works across multiple locations on one system without local management
4. Deliver data-based accountability to decision making. Recording hours worked applies to all workers, not just for per-hour or contract workers.
5. Tracks resource allocation per project across departments
6. Helps to analyse productivity and gain insight for future task prioritization
7. Brings transparency to customer billing and payroll
8. Installs a strong culture of accountability, discipline and focus
9. Ensures Compliance and provides evidence in disputes or even litigation
10. Works faster and easier than dated paper or spread sheet systems and delivers instant reporting function

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