67% of business to retain remote working post COVID

More than two thirds (67%) of organisations expect to encourage staff to work remotely more often after lockdown, according to a survey by HRLocker. A quarter (26%) expect to significantly increase remote working.

Companies are looking to do this to provide workers with a better work / life balance (73%) and to make cost savings (58%). Most businesses (93%) are using technology to manage employees. Employers have been concerned about employees’ stress during the lockdown (35%), but this has been overshadowed by worries around sales, which have been challenging for 52% of respondents.

Adam Coleman, CEO at HRLocker, commented, “It’s crazy to think it took a pandemic for us to realise the multiple benefits of dual working. Beyond the initial indicators in this report, dual working can support innovation and collaboration, increase creativity and reduce unconscious bias. I believe companies that embrace the shift to this healthier, more efficient way of working, will emerge stronger and more successful in the long run.”

67% of business to retain remote working post COVID was last modified: October 13th, 2021 by Ronan McDonnell

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