Employee Onboarding and Offboarding Software

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Onboarding and Offboarding Software

Automated Onboarding Process

By enabling your hiring process to work quickly and more efficiently, you will be able to onboard the best candidates before they get snapped up by your competitors.

  • Once hired, zap candidates into employees in 2 clicks!
  • New employees will then begin to receive your onboarding plan set up in your HRLocker account.
  • Automate onboarding easily!

Easily Overview Each New Hire

Keep track of all new employees progress in one central location. HRLocker features allow you to ensure that:

  • All HR Documents are up-to-date and signed.
  • Training is running smoothly.
  • New hires’ information is all in one place.
  • Everything is compliant.
Onboarding and Offboarding Software

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Easy and Simple Online Employee Onboarding and Offboarding Software


Onboarding and Offboarding Software

Applicant Tracking System Hiring Reports to Improve Your Onboarding Process

Our Applicant Tracking System HIRE monitors your hiring campaigns and keeps you informed about where your candidates are coming from and how fast are they moving through your hiring process.

  • Report on job applications, process timings and source funnels
  • Yield interesting results – are your paid jobs boards bringing you less return than free boards or social media? Save time and money
  • Pull long term reports to really pinpoint where hiring success lives for you!

How to offboard an employee remotely with HRLocker

The role of offboarding is an often-overlooked HR function but is an essential aspect for both employees and employers. Technological solutions like HRLocker ensure a smoother process for everyone.


Everything In One Place

Keep paperwork centralised but accessible across departments and worksites.


Online Questionnaires

Online questionnaires help to engage outbound personnel making it more likely they will leave on good terms and comply with requirements, which also helps protect workplaces from data breaches and legal scrutiny.


Ensure Data Security

Routinely alert or block the transfer, deletion, and downloading of sensitive files during employees’ notice periods eliminating the need for human oversight.


Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures on e-forms of legally required documentation which are sent, stored and flagged for non-completion automatically further reduce workloads and errors in recordkeeping.


Real-Time Review Dashboards

Real-time review dashboards further assist as users get accurate status reports and can easily see which tasks are complete or outstanding in an instance.

Frequently asked questions about Onboarding and Offboarding software

How can a small business use onboarding software?

Small businesses can use onboarding software like HRLocker to streamline their hiring process.

You can use onboarding software to onboard new hires, store data, automate email communication, ensure compliance, guarantee all HR documents are up-to-date, track training and development, and more.

Why offboarding is important?

Offboarding represents the last step in the employee journey, the end phase of an employee lifecycle, and a final opportunity for organisations to optimise EX by making a good ‘goodbye’ impression.

Most importantly, data obtained during offboarding helps organisations to reduce turnover, improve recruitment, and minimise reputational damage. Read more about it here.

Why onboarding matters?

Retention rates improve when onboarding is done well. Positive experiences translate initial enthusiasm into a more meaningful long-term connection and commitment to the organisation. Meaning new joiners are more likely to remain employed within your organisation.

Best practice ensures new starters fully understand their role and how it fits within the organisational structure. Studies show that if onboarding processes clearly teach entrants what’s expected, how to deliver, and how and when they will be evaluated, ongoing EX is enhanced and, levels of effort and performance improve.

Read more on Recruitment and Onboarding here.

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