Calculate Your Company’s Digital Maturity

A company’s digital maturity reflects how likely you are to thrive and succeed when undergoing a digital transformation.


Digital Maturity Calculator

Being aware of your company’s digital maturity scale is the first step to success

Beginner Level

A company that scores in the beginner category may not believe they need to think about their digital maturity level. And in some rare cases this may be true, however in most cases this is unlikely. If the company has any competitors at all it needs to be always thinking about the future. Modernising, strategizing and upgrading your business to keep it ahead of the game is one of the main objectives of digital maturity. Listening to your customers and considering what they want from you is important, it’s also a cheaper starting point!

Intermediate Level

Intermediate level of digital maturity means the company has begun taking their first steps, they might not even have realised they have started the journey towards digital transformation yet. However similarly to the beginner level, they also have much to do in terms of achieving the expert status. Assessing your digital maturity strengths and weaknesses is the first step, then you need to begin strategizing to strengthen your weak spots.

Advanced Level

You’re almost there! Companies in the advanced level have made the effort to implement several digital channels across all departments. These companies will require less time to assess their strengths and weaknesses, ensuring the customers are being listened to and their needs are being met is a great way to reach that expert level.

Expert Level

Your company has worked hard to achieve the expert level of digital maturity, any digital transformation events that come your way should be met with ease due to your agility and self- reflection. It is important to remember that technology is always changing, and that maintaining this expert level is just as important as achieving it!

How does HRLocker quantify a company’s digital transformation?

We have decided to measure the different levels based on the research conducted by Paradigma, a company whose main focus is to help other companies with their digital transformation. The four levels of digital maturity include Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert.

Determining your company’s level is vital in order to succeed in undergoing a digital transformation, planned or unplanned.

Digital Maturity Calculator

What is Digital Maturity and what does it mean for my company?

A company’s digital maturity stage reflects how likely they are to thrive and succeed when undergoing a digital transformation. It illustrates how agile the company is and whether or not they are listening to the needs and wants of its customers.

If you wish to find out more about Digital Maturity check out our blog post.

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