Leave Management Software That Automates Processes & Simplifies Tasks

Eliminate clunky spreadsheets and give your staff more control over absence management, freeing you up to focus on what’s important: the employee experience.



Reduce your workload with an employee self-service tool that ensures compliance

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Simplify Leave Management with Features like:

Easy Time Off in Lieu (TOIL) Calculations
Time Off Booking and Request Automation
Recurring Leave Requests
Customisable Statutory Leave Types
Simple Manual Adjustments
Centralised Location for Employees’ Certificate Uploading
Charts for a Clear View of Days Taken and Remaining Balance
Reporting and Analysis for Compliance and Absence Tracking
All-In-One Solution for Your HR Team

Give employees autonomy and gain visibility

Managing requests and approvals, TOIL, sick days and reporting eats up too much time. Not with cloud-based leave management software that takes on your manual tasks.



How our time-off management software simplifies your working day

Stop with the spreadsheets, it’s time to let leave manage itself so you can focus on creating a fantastic working environment.

clock A self-service solution that saves you hours

No more manually coordinating requests – employees book their own time off by days, hours or recurring leave.

book Simplified time-off-in-lieu management

Calculating TOIL across all your employees takes too long, so we do it for you with automated TOIL allocation.

calendar Automate national holidays

We import national holidays into your company calendar, no matter where in the world your team’s located.

Leave Management Software That Automates Processes & Simplifies Tasks
Leave Management Software That Automates Processes & Simplifies Tasks

virus Streamlined sick leave management

Let managers take control over employee sick leave and let employees upload certificates for validation.

wheels iconManual adjustments when necessary

Need to add or remove days from an employee’s leave balance? Manual changes are fast and simple.

download At-a-glance charts and reports

We create detailed charts so employees can see their leave dates, plus a “who’s off” calendar and comprehensive reporting features.

Leave Management Software That Automates Processes & Simplifies Tasks

See what our users love about HRLocker’s leave management system

“HRLocker is an easy way to manage employee leave and other HR tasks. It’s easy to implement and easy to use, and the team is great – they offer quick support and are very friendly, responsive and helpful.”

Hilary (HR Manager)


“The software provides an efficient yet simple platform to easily manage and comply with all our HR responsibilities. HRLocker makes it easy to monitor all annual and sick leave taken by staff.”

Brendan (Principal)


“HRLocker allowed our company to automate our HR processes across the board, from recruitment and onboarding to CPD, leave management, and performance reviews. Our employees and manager have experienced the benefits of a one-stop shop.”

Aoife (HR Manager)

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Frequently asked questions about leave management software

Is there direct customer support if we need it?

Our award-winning customer support team, based in Ireland, is friendly, responsive and helpful, and a dedicated Implementation Specialist will make sure your software setup is quick and smooth.

Can I create different leave policies for different employees?

Customising your leave types, policies and rules is easy with HRLocker, so you can tailor the system to the needs of your employees and business.

What’s the difference between leave management and HR software?

While HR software encompasses solutions that make people management easier, leave management tools are specific to handling time off, sick days, and annual leave requests. When you sign up with HRLocker, as an all-in-one HR platform, you’ll gain access to all our features, including recruitment and onboarding, training and development, and performance management.

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