HR Software

HRLocker helps you unlock your team's potential by automating absence management, holiday management, timesheets and training in a GDPR-friendly cloud-based format.


Everything you need from one solution

Features to help your HR team to streamline employee management


Manage your people easily with tonnes of useful features

Employee Training Records

With HRLocker you can assign Training & Development courses and tasks to your employees.

Document Management

HR Software that allows you to create documents, distribute & enable staff signatures on policies, procedures and contracts.


By enabling your hiring process to work more efficiently and speedily, you will be able to onboard the highest quality candidates before they get snapped up by your competitors

Employee Database

Upload your entire employee directory to easily centralize your employee database. Export information anytime and add new employees as you scale!

Self Service Portal

Employees can login to their HRLocker accounts anytime and manage their own personal information, book holidays and more!

Holiday Management

HRLocker’s Time Off module allows you to manage all holidays and annual leave for each office, department, team and individual easily and quickly.


Are you ready to automate your HR processes?

No contract, No credit card, No funny business, Just great HR software!

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