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How do you pro rata annual leave? Are you having headaches with staff holiday entitlement? Use the HRLocker Holiday Calculator at the bottom of this page to work out staff holidays.

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Define and group which of your team are paid by the day or by the hour – each has a different entitlement calculation method.

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Divide employees into those with fixed working days and shift patterns and those that vary

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Check the regulations in your jurisdiction using the links below

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Ensure if your policy includes discretionary paid time off to the statutory amounts in addition to banks holidays

HRLocker Holiday Calculator

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Yearly holiday allowance?
Is this employee entitled to statutory holidays?
Will employment finish this leave year?

Calculated Holidays

Bank Holidays (Statutory)

Total Holiday Allowance

The latest UK statutory leave entitlement or annual leave regulations can be checked at: – holiday-entitlement

In Ireland the Irish annual leave a sick pay legislation is outlined at: – Holiday Entitlement

Here’s a list of UK and Ireland Bank Holidays 2022 and 2023

For a more sophisticated way to pro rata annual leave across your workforce, HRLocker calculates all your team’s holiday days in a similar way to this holiday calculator – plus it gives a great visual overview of who’s off and when.

This will help you with Staff Holiday Planning and the system also gives detailed reports on headcount, days taken, sick leave and absence management and so much more! Plans start from as little as €3 a month per employee.


Please Note! The HRLocker annual leave calculator determines agreed or statutory holiday pay and annual leave entitlement allowance for full-time staff, or pro rata for part-time workers. (Includes Bank Holiday payments.)

The staff holiday calculator tool covers most circumstances in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, but does not cover every individual case.

If you want to work out holidays for part time staff this tool can cover the basics, but an HR system is always the best solution for calculating the annual leave allowances for any kind of worker or a mix of various kinds of Paid Time off Requirements. (Especially to calculate holiday entitlement for new employees.)

If in doubt, we advise that you consult a legal or HR professional who can advise of your exact obligations as an employer, or specific entitlements that apply to you as an employee.

Please note this is a holiday entitlement calculator NOT a holiday pay calculator.

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