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Get more productive with our all-in-one HR solution

Get more productive with our all-in-one HR solution

“HRLocker is a very simple to use HR software for both management and our staff. They help us keep all of our HR requirements in order for staff located in three different countries through one subscription. Their support staff are friendly and attentive.”

“HRLocker is an easy to use tool for our management and our staff. It makes it easy to manage and report on various leave types as well as store and manage not only personnel files, but also all of our essential documents requiring staff signatures without all of the paperwork and file storage!“

“HRLocker is very straightforward and easy to use, in particular for employees (i.e logging annual leave, sick leave). I enjoy the personal touch HRLocker has to offer and have found their customer service to be extremely helpful and has a fast response.”

“As a growing SME, we need a HR software solution that could tackle staff records & reviews, absence and holiday bookings that moved away from our excel and word docs. By introducing HRLocker we have greater visibility, reporting and employees can manage their own holidays.”

“HRLocker is very easy to use. The majority of it is self-explanatory which is great as we have new users added each month. I love that “Hire” is linked to HRLocker and any candidates that are hired are automatically placed in our onboarding office.”

“The HRLocker interface is easy to use. It is great for tracking employee time and attendance, holidays and sick leave and has an easy interface with great customer support also. Also very good on compliance for HR documentation.”

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