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5 ways to improve employee engagement working remotely

It’s no secret that COVID-19 left a trail of ruin in its wake. After all, the pandemic shifted seemingly every aspect of our daily life. To keep employees and customers safe, many companies adopted telework lifestyles. While this transition was necessary, it came with its fair share of challenges.

Not only did office camaraderie essentially vanish, but employees also lost considerable morale. Unfortunately, these hardships are still prevalent. To combat these adverse side effects, employers are looking for ways to boost employee engagement. If you’re struggling to keep your staff engaged and motivated, consider the following advice.

Emphasize Your Company’s Mission/Values

Employees are more likely to stay inspired when there’s a goal they’re attempting to reach. With that said, remind them that there are values they need to uphold. As a result, you’ll give your team a sense of purpose.

Without a reason to keep going, your workers will inevitably throw in the towel. Since it’s an employer’s duty to promote optimism, make it a point to encourage your staff. With your stable hand guiding their efforts, they’ll have the support they need to fulfil your company’s mission.

Plan Volunteer Events

Volunteering presents many opportunities for your team to stay connected. Though most of these events are virtual, getting together to make a positive impact fosters togetherness. When your staff makes the most of their time and energy, they’ll feel helpful during tough times. In addition to building their resilience, it’ll also allow you to establish an honourable reputation.

To ensure that everyone’s voice is heard, ask employees what charities they’d like to contribute to. This will make them more interested in the event, and it’ll ensure that the cause you’re supporting is worthwhile. As the event approaches, be sure to keep your team informed. If things go well, consider making this a regular affair. In essence, giving employees the chance to do good makes for a sentimental bonding experience.

Reward Achievements

Employees who go above and beyond to exceed expectations deserve recognition. By acknowledging an employee’s efforts, you’ll give them the incentive they need to keep up the hard work. When your team feels appreciated, you benefit. Moreover, it inspires them to pat others on the back when needed. To create this positive domino effect, urge team leaders to pay attention to employee performance.

With this increased awareness, you can rest assured that no good deed goes unnoticed. Above all else, it’ll guarantee that your staff remains productive. Best of all, when other members of your team see an employee earn praise, it’ll motivate them to follow suit. From gift cards to free lunches, there are several ways you can reward employees.

Prioritize Feedback

Giving your team a platform to share comments, questions, and concerns is crucial. During these unprecedented times, it’s vital for employees to have an outlet. With that in mind, ask for feedback. If staff members are facing obstacles, you’ll want to know. Using this input, you can rework your operations and, in turn, keep workers happy and engaged.

Most importantly, your staff wants to know that you value their opinions. When you ask for their advice or feedback, you’ll demonstrate that you care. When holding these discussions, be sure that employees know they’re in a safe space. The more protected they feel, the more inclined they’ll be to participate and speak freely.

Organize Company Outings

When your team feels like they’re all in this together, it creates an unbreakable bond. To promote this sense of community, organize company outings. If indoor activities are out of the question, consider doing something outdoors. If staff members still aren’t comfortable with this, throw a virtual party.

No matter which avenue you pursue, your team will feel special knowing that you arranged an event to celebrate them. With managers and team leaders in attendance, it’ll be an entertaining affair. Overall, company get-togethers show that you’re willing to let loose while keeping things professional.    

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