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Flexible Working and Sign On Bonuses Top Employee Demands for new Employers

Employees want greater flexibility in the way they work and to be financially rewarded if they are to switch jobs. That’s according to people management platform, HRLocker, which survey 390 full-time employees across Ireland.


While salary is still important consideration for people when changing jobs, the survey found that it at 38%, it ranked below flexible working (64%) and sign on bonuses (40%). 

A possible explanation for this is that, in general, Irish employees are happy in their jobs. 70% or respondents expressed that they are moderately or very satisfied in their current jobs. Just 24% stated they were actively seeking a new role, and 12% said they were passively looking.


When it comes to flexible working, working from home topped the list of expectations, with 67% of respondents stating they would only be willing to accept a job that permitted them to work from home at least two days a week. This was followed by greater flexibility in the hours they work (42%), increased holidays (33%) and a four day working week (18%).

Regarding sign on bonuses, more than half (53%) expect it to be 11 to 15% of their total salary, while 33% would settle for 5 to 10%. Just 6% and 3% desired a sign on bonus of less than 5% or 25% or more respectively.

Better work experiences also matter, one in three (32%) or survey respondents believe employers need to invest in technologies that automate tedious administrative tasks, while 23% feel greater investment is required to support employees in using new technologies in their roles.


“We know from previous research that most employers are offering more flexible working arrangements. This no longer a nice to have. It’s a must if you’re to attract and retain talent,” says Adam Coleman, CEO at HRLocker, adding “In light of the talent shortage and rising cost of living, employers really need to lure skilled talent to their businesses. We can expect to see salaries and total benefits continue to increase throughout 2022.”

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