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Staff Signing in System

Are you recording who’s in the building with a staff signing-in system?

Aside from timekeeping reasons, or record-keeping obligations to collect timesheets of hours worked, there are extra reasons to collect data on who is where using a staff signing-in system

  • Building headcount, for example, to account for employees with a mobile device roll call in case of emergency such as for fire safety precautions
  • A staff signing-in system allows you to cross-reference data from absence management systems with information on locations and hours worked.
  • To eliminate the need for physical signing in/out books and storage of these records.
  • Allow supervisors to get an at-a-glance view of who is or is not on the premises – including multiple sites or remote workers that are supposed to be at agreed physical locations with known IP addresses. Obviously, this depends on the organisation’s function and policy
  • Reduce abuse of physical key cards for ‘buddy punching‘.


In certain situations, such as manufacturing or areas with higher security levels required, there’s a need for something more robust than employee sign-in software, such as a biometric staff check-in system solution.

But for general use, clocking in and out using any device, from a smartphone to a desktop, even a simple ‘You can only clock in from specific IP addresses‘ setting can deliver the data you need.

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