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HR Improvements at CLS: Recruitment, Performance, Engagement, and Data Accuracy

Complete Laboratory Solutions (CLS)

Graham Geraghty is an HR professional at Complete Laboratory Solutions (CLS), a leading laboratory testing company based in Galway, Ireland. They operate across multiple industries such as, food, environmental, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. CLS employees around 220 employees across the country both on-site and remote.

According to Graham Geraghty the decision to adopt HRLocker has significantly enhanced their HR operations and positively impacted their organisation.


Challenges Faced Before HRLocker

As a growing company, CLS initially managed HR processes using a combination of Excel spreadsheets, shared workbooks, and various trackers. This decentralised approach presented numerous challenges, including difficulty in tracking employee data, managing contracts, and monitoring recruitment processes. The lack of integration among these tools led to inefficiencies and a considerable administrative burden.

With a geographically dispersed workforce—about half of our employees working off-site—it was crucial to find a seamless solution that could cater to both on-site and remote employees. The need for a unified system to handle timesheets, holiday requests, and other HR functions became increasingly evident.

Discovering HRLocker

CLS first learnt about HRLocker through HR workshops in Galway. The fact that HRLocker is an Irish-owned company located nearby in Clare was a significant factor in our decision-making process. Additionally, recommendations from other companies that had successfully implemented HRLocker reinforced their confidence in the software.

Ease of Implementation and User Adoption

The implementation process of HRLocker was smooth and efficient. CLS went through a comprehensive plan, which included weekly and monthly milestones for data transfer and system setup. The phased approach allowed them to meticulously review and ensure the accuracy of their data before fully migrating to the new system.

Working collaboratively on a shared OneDrive document facilitated quick updates and changes, making the transition seamless. The deployment phase was well-structured. As the primary administrator, Graham Geraghty comments that this thorough onboarding process equipped him with the necessary knowledge to troubleshoot minor issues and effectively manage the system.

“I have nothing but positive feedback about the deployment phase. The provided materials, including the handbooks, job aids for implementation, and welcome packs, were outstanding. They were clear, simple, and easy to follow, making the whole process very smooth.” Graham Geraghty


Key Benefits of HRLocker

Centralised Data Management and Recruitment

Complete Laboratory Solutions mentions that one of the most significant advantages of HRLocker is its ability to centralise all HR-related data.

HRLocker has streamlined CLS’s recruitment process, integrating with various job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Irish Jobs. The HireLocker module allows them to easily track applications, view metrics, and generate reports from a single platform, eliminating the manual consolidation of data from multiple sources.

Performance Management

Graham Geraghty states that HRLocker’s performance management module has revolutionised their review process. It provides a standardised template for both managers and employees, ensuring consistency and efficiency. The system sends reminders for overdue reviews, helping managers stay on top of their responsibilities.

This feature has significantly reduced the backlog of performance appraisals and improved overall employee engagement.

Employee Self-Service

With HRLocker, employees have gained greater control over their HR-related tasks. The mobile app allows off-site employees to submit timesheets, holiday requests, and access their work schedules with ease.

Preloaded work patterns and holiday records provide employees with real-time visibility into their schedules, reducing the need for constant inquiries to the HR department.

Enhanced Communication

The notice board feature on HRLocker’s dashboard has improved CLS’s internal communication, particularly for their remote workforce. Important announcements, upcoming events, and company news are now easily accessible to all employees, ensuring that everyone stays informed regardless of their location.

Reporting and Forecasting

HRLocker’s robust reporting capabilities have been particularly beneficial for CLS’s  managers. The system provides comprehensive metrics on time tracking, annual leave, and other key HR data. This information aids in financial and commercial forecasting, allowing managers to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data.

Employee and Manager Feedback

The feedback from both employees and managers has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Employes are finding it really useful that their work patterns are preloaded for the year. This allows them to access the system, review and manage their own holidays. Previously, they would have had to ask their manager for this information.” Graham Geraghty

Managers have highlighted the system’s efficiency in generating reports and tracking performance appraisals. The automated reminders for reviews and the standardised templates have streamlined the performance management process, making it less burdensome and more effective.


Specific Outcomes and Metrics

Since implementing HRLocker, CLS has observed several notable improvements:

Recruitment Efficiency: The integration with job boards has reduced the time spent on manual data entry and increased the number of applications processed. CLS can now track the recruitment pipeline more effectively, resulting in faster hiring decisions.

Performance Reviews: The timely completion of performance reviews has improved by 40%, thanks to the automated reminders and standardised templates.

Employee Engagement: The self-service features have enhanced employee satisfaction, with a 30% increase in the use of the mobile app for timesheets and holiday requests.

Data Accuracy: The centralised data management has led to a 25% reduction in HR-related queries, as employees and managers can access accurate information directly from the system.


HRLocker has proven to be an invaluable asset for CLS, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly HR management solution. Its ease of implementation, robust features, and positive impact on both employees and managers make it an ideal choice for companies in the professional services sector.

“For businesses looking to streamline their HR processes, improve data accuracy, and enhance employee engagement, I wholeheartedly recommend HRLocker. Its ability to grow with the company, coupled with its efficient deployment and user-friendly interface, makes it a standout option in the market.” Graham Geraghty

CLS has found HRLocker to be not just a software solution, but a strategic partner in their journey towards operational excellence. The support from HRLocker’s team, the continuous improvements, and the overall effectiveness of the system have exceeded CLS’s expectations.

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