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Enhancing HR Practices in a Leading Fintech Company

Deep Pool Financial Solutions

HR Operations at Deep Pool Financial Solutions

Deep Pool Financial Solutions is a leading fintech company in Ireland, offering comprehensive financial solutions primarily to banks and other financial institutions. Their workforce is spread across the main office and various client sites, and the adoption of HRLocker has significantly enhanced HR operations. Here is an account of how this software has positively impacted the organisation.

Challenges of Manual HR Processes at Deep Pool

Before implementing HRLocker, HR processes at Deep Pool were entirely manual.

“We used to do everything manually—handling holidays, reviews, and objectives. All the policies, the handbook, everything. I had to email people and share documents, then manually track who signed and who didn’t.”, Elena Nada, HR Manager at Deep Pool Financial Solutions.

The merger of two companies further added to the complexity, making it challenging to manage employees efficiently. Keeping track of document sign-offs and ensuring compliance was particularly difficult, highlighting the urgent need for an integrated HR system.

Why Deep Pool Chose HRLocker Over Competitors

HRLocker was discovered after conducting extensive research. Being an Irish company and not overly large, HRLocker was an attractive option. The idea of partnering with a local company that understood specific needs was highly valued. Positive feedback from other users further confirmed the decision.

Smooth Transition and Adoption of HRLocker

The transition to HRLocker was seamless and well-supported by their team. HRLocker’s team guided Deep Pool through the process, ensuring efficiency and straightforward implementation. The training and support were particularly valuable, helping the team quickly adapt to the new system.


Key Benefits of HRLocker for Deep Pool

Centralised HR Data Management

HRLocker centralised all HR data, streamlining processes that were previously manual and scattered. This centralisation improved the ability to track applications, manage compliance, and maintain accurate employee records effortlessly.

Enhanced Performance Management System

The performance management module standardised the review process, ensuring consistency and efficiency. Automated reminders and templates significantly reduced the backlog of performance appraisals and improved overall employee engagement.

Self-Service Features for Employees

HRLocker’s self-service features empowered employees. The mobile app allows off-site employees to submit timesheets, request holidays, and access their schedules easily. This autonomy reduced the administrative burden on the HR department and increased employee satisfaction.

Improved Communication with HRLocker’s Noticeboard

The notice board feature on HRLocker’s dashboard enhanced internal communication. Important announcements and company news are now easily accessible to all employees, keeping everyone informed regardless of their location.

Comprehensive HR Reporting and Analytics

HRLocker’s reporting capabilities provide detailed metrics on time tracking, leave, and other key HR data. This information aids in financial and operational planning, enabling managers to make informed decisions.


Significant Outcomes and Metrics Post-HRLocker Implementation

Since adopting HRLocker, several significant improvements have been observed:

Efficient Recruitment Process: Integration with job boards streamlined the recruitment process, reducing manual data entry and increasing the number of applications processed.

Improved Performance Reviews: Completion rates for performance reviews improved by 40%, thanks to automated reminders and standardised templates.

Increased Employee Engagement: The self-service features boosted employee satisfaction, with a 30% increase in the use of the mobile app for timesheets and holiday requests.

Enhanced Data Accuracy: Centralised data management led to a 25% reduction in HR-related queries, as employees and managers could directly access accurate information.


HRLocker as a Strategic HR Solution

HRLocker has been instrumental in transforming the HR functions at Deep Pool Financial Solutions. The software’s ability to centralise data, standardise processes, and empower employees has significantly improved efficiency, accuracy, and engagement across the organisation.

Deep Pool Financial Solutions now benefits from a streamlined recruitment process, timely performance reviews, increased employee engagement, and enhanced data accuracy. The support from the HRLocker team has been exceptional, making the transition smooth and effective.

HRLocker is highly recommended for businesses seeking to enhance their HR operations with a user-friendly, comprehensive solution. The positive impact on both employees and managers at Deep Pool Financial Solutions demonstrates the value and effectiveness of HRLocker in modern HR management.

HRLocker has exceeded expectations, proving to be an invaluable tool in managing HR functions efficiently and effectively. Deep Pool Financial Solutions happily recommends HRLocker’s HR solution to other businesses that they think will also benefit greatly from adopting it, experiencing similar improvements and operational excellence.

“HRLocker support is excellent! The messaging is quick and readily available whenever I need help. So, definitely a yes from me.”, Elena Nada.

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