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Helping Irish Hosts

“The HRLocker solution transformed things for us and made our startup life so much easier”


Angie Gough

Angie Gough – Helping Irish Hosts

Chief Executive Officer shares her experience with HRLocker

Why was HIH looking for an HR tech solution?

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Manage of Remote Team
Helping Irish Hosts

Remote Team Management

The Challenge

HIH needed a system that would allow them to manage their remote team. Being a startup they didn’t know what to expect when it comes to HR requirements. They needed an HR solution that would help them manage their employees that were working flexibly some full-time and others part-time.

“We’ve built up to 24 in a year and none of us was prepared for the HR like the requirements around minding your people and recording your people’s time.”

Helping Irish Hosts, who are they?

“We empower people to host displaced Ukrainians in their homes and since March last year, we’ve placed over 1400 displaced Ukrainians in 650 Irish homes.”

As well, HIH runs a big network for other 7000 hosts in Ireland. They offer the right resources to help the people who are helping Ukrainians.

Helping Irish Hosts
Support Displaced Ukrainians
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Facilitate Matches
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Straightforward and Secure

The Advantages

The fact that HRLocker was very straightforward, simple and easy to huge was a big plus. It took away so many headaches and provided them with many solutions.

Running reports and managing HIH’s remote team time was now possible. Everything was now in one secure place.

“We’re funded by the Red Cross and we have to report to them. The information that is stored for us in HRLocker is really easily and beautifully presented in those reports.”

Helping Irish Hosts
Helping Irish Hosts

Making Remote Work Possible

Employee Feedback

Like HRLocker, Helping Irish Hosts team is also working in rural Ireland all over the place. HRLocker’s story is very attractive to them and the fact that our HR solution makes remote work possible and easier is fascinating.

The staff now can record their hours and have a clear idea of when and what holidays are occurring. They are in control of their own work life.

“It’s very empowering as a tool. It allows them to get busy with the real work, speaking to hosts, making matches and the good stuff.”

Admin Tasks Out of the Way

Would you recommend HRLocker?

Angie believes that it is very important to have an HR solution. Often when you’re small and just starting up, it’s really easy to get distracted by actual work. Admin tasks can feel scary. So, it’s really good to know that HRLocker and their team are there to support you all the way.

“It’s really good to know that HRLocker is this secure, recognized and really well-endorsed tool that works for huge organisations and for small organisations.”

Helping Irish Hosts

Thank you HRLocker for being part of our journey

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“In our very early development when we did not know what we were doing, you were among the first to support the thing that we were doing and to see the importance of what we were doing and to want to be part of that solution.

So we feel very grateful to HRLocker for being part of our journey and for being willing to let us shout a bit about what we have done and we’ve come really far.”

Frequently Asked Questions about HRLocker

How can I get a quote?

If you wish to get the right quote for your organisation you can talk directly with our experts and book a demo here. As well, you can find our Price Calculator here and explore what best works for your business.

What are typical HR issues with remote work?

Some HR challenges with remote work include:

  • Engaging employees with the company culture and their colleagues
  • Managing communication when people work in different  time zones
  • Tracking and evaluating employee performance without direct supervision or in-person interactions
  • Managing compliance in line with laws and regulations across regions
  • Ensuring remote employees follow best practices to protect sensitive company information

The best way to resolve these issues is by investing in HR software like HRLocker that helps you with processes like leave management, performance management, recruitment and onboarding, training and development, and allocating TOIL.

Is HR relevant in a remote work environment?

Yes, HR is extremely important to remote working teams. Key HR responsibilities in a remote work environment include:

  • Adapting policies and procedures to accommodate remote work
  • Implementing remote-friendly recruitment, onboarding and training processes
  • Providing support for mental health, wellness and work-life balance
  • Ensuring clear communication channels
  • Overseeing performance management and offering growth and development opportunities for remote employees
  • Addressing legal and compliance issues specific to employees in different jurisdictions
What are the benefits of HR software for startups?

HR software solutions allow startups to save time as they manage projects, oversee recruitment, hold performance reviews and track employee hours. By automating the processes involved and centralising key data, they reduce manual work, make compliance less stressful and give you time to focus on engagement and productivity.