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"The amount of admin and management time saved over the first year, it has easily paid for itself."

Why was Redthread looking for an HR tech solution?

Manage Time Off
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Save Time
Redthread Case Study

Easy Way to Record Holidays

The Challenge

Redthread was looking for a simple HR solution that would help them manage their staff which quickly grew. Being able to save the admin and management time was a must to them.

“We had grown very quickly from 8 employees to more than 20 and we just wanted an easier way to record holidays, sickness etc, than simply keeping a spreadsheet for each HR item!” 

National Youth Council of Ireland, who are they?

Readthead aims to have a society where all young people live healthy, safe and happy lives. Their mission is to empower young people to thrive as they navigate the challenging transition to adulthood by integrating trauma-informed youth work into the health sector.

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Empower Young People
Compassionate and Collaborative
Courageous and Dynamic

Cost-effective HR Solution

The Choice

While searching for ways to record annual leave they came across HRLocker. The website really impressed them and the overall look of the User Interface.


“Following the trial period and finding out how cost-effective it was to purchase, it really was an easy decision to make.” 

Redthread Case Study
Redthread Case Study

Save Time and Increase Productivity

The Advantages

HRLocker software allowed them to save admin and management time. Managing holidays, annual leave, sick leave or others can be a full-time job. HRLocker’s Time Off module helped them manage all leaves for each office, department, team and individual easily and quickly.

The fact the system was very simple and cost-effective represented a big advantage to them as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about HRLocker

Why would someone use timesheet software?

An all-in-one HR software solution like HRLocker provides simple automated solutions for your timesheet processes. As well as gaining insights into team performance, tools that automate manual tasks like calculating and allocating time off in lieu (TOIL) let you focus on more exciting HR responsibilities, like employee engagement and improving productivity.

What happens to my Annual Leave when I'm off sick?

Your statutory entitlement to annual leave continues to build up when you are on sick leave if you have a medical certificate.

What’s the best way to calculate and manage time off in lieu (TOIL)?

The best way to calculate and manage TOIL is with a specialised HR tool. For example, HRLocker automatically calculates and allocates employees’ TOIL so you don’t have to manually sort through logged hours and leave calendars.

Can I "Carry Over" Annual Leave to the next year?

Annual leave should be taken within the leave year. Depending on your employer, you can agree to take your annual leave within 6 months of the relevant leave year.

Any further carrying-over of annual leave would need to be agreed upon between you and your employer.