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"HRLocker allows us to keep HR simple and focus, saving time and cost on other areas of the business."

Why was ResNet looking for an HR tech solution?

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Supervision of Different Regional Offices
ResNet Case Study

Flexible HR Solution to Manage Staff Time

The Challenge

ResNet was looking for an HR tech solution that would help them to manage their offices and workforce in different locations.

“We needed a flexible system that allowed us to set up our regional offices differently based on varying holidays and working weeks. HRLocker allowed us to do that.”

ResNet, who are they and what are some of their services?

ResNet Communications provides integrated next-generation digital solutions for the hospitality industry. They are partners with industry-leading technology providers to deliver cost-saving, cutting-edge technologies to help hospitality businesses grow revenues and increase efficiency.

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Dependable HR Software and First-class Support

The Choice

Shane Mansell, Director at Resnet, mentions that previously ResNet tracked leave and time off manually via employee files and spreadsheets and used another program for 2 weeks. However, the flexibility that HRLocker offered and its simplicity were way more beneficial for the organisation.

“We find HRLocker dependable and bug-free, easy and self-explanatory to train employees how to use it and we couldn’t live without the first-class customer service provided.” 

ResNet Case Study
ResNet Case Study

Manage Employees in Different Locations

The Advantages

HRLocker cloud-based HR Software allowed ResNet to manage its workforce independently of where they were based.

“They help us keep all of our HR requirements in order for staff located in three different countries through one subscription.”

HRLocker Customer for Over Five Years

User-Friendly and Great Customer Support

Shane goes on to complement HRLocker’s customer support and its software. ResNet found HRLocker tech HR solution to be very user-friendly, with good visuals and graphs, that make it all very easy regardless of employee sophistication.

“Their support staff are friendly and attentive. We have been a customer for over five years and look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

ResNet Case Study

Frequently Asked Questions about HRLocker

Why would someone use timesheet software?

An all-in-one HR software solution like HRLocker provides simple automated solutions for your timesheet processes. As well as gaining insights into team performance, tools that automate manual tasks like calculating and allocating time off in lieu (TOIL) let you focus on more exciting HR responsibilities, like employee engagement and improving productivity.

How can I get a quote?

If you wish to get the right quote for your organisation you can talk directly with our experts and book a demo here. As well, you can find our Price Calculator here and explore what best works for your business.

How can I ensure that my organisation is GDPR compliant?

As a first step, you can start by downloading our free GDPR Checklist here. Looking for an HR solution will also make simplify this process.

What are the most important factors to consider when choosing HR software?

To stay on top of compliance, oversee projects and manage employees with varying hours as you scale operations, you need an HR solution that centralises key processes and employee information. Your HR software should automate manual tasks, be GDPR-friendly and give employees a self-service portal.