Company Culture

What is Company Culture?

Company culture represents a set of shared values, goals and practices of an organisation. To understand the workplace culture of a company we should look into their working environment, company policies and employee behaviours.

An organisation’s culture can be explicitly and consciously cultivated over time. A strong culture influences employees to act accordingly to it.

There are various types of cultures. For example, some companies adopt a team-based culture that focuses on employee involvement. Other organisations prefer to use a more formal, traditional, or hierarchical management approach.

The Benefits of a Strong Workplace Culture

A strong and healthy workplace culture will help your business to succeed. A good working environment could be the key to attracting the best talent and increasing employee retention. Everything starts from within. Satisfied and valued employees will lead to more customers and success.


Increases Productivity

An organisation’s culture highly influences the productivity of its employees. Happy and satisfied employees will be more productive and help the business to succeed.

A healthy and collaborative work environment with clear goals and policies is fundamental ​​for increasing productivity and innovation.


Clear Goals

Strategy and culture are essential to guide an organisation to where it needs to go and keep everyone on target. Developing a strong culture helps to set clear goals taking into consideration the company’s values. Defining clear goals encourages collaboration and decision-making. Thus, it creates the perfect environment for innovation, learning and growth.


Easier Recruitment

A satisfied workforce and a healthy work culture is the key to attracting the best talent. For a good overall environment, it’s important that you hire and select candidates that better align with the organisation’s values and principles.

More and more, the right workplace culture is one of the main requirements for job seekers before applying. Thus, it is important to promote your organisation’s work culture to find the right fit.


Staff Retention

The right company culture helps both the employee and the business. A culture that stands for flexibility, makes its staff feel valued and provides employees with benefits is more likely to retain its employees. With higher retention comes higher productivity and profits. As well, communication, training and career development opportunities can be very important factors.


Strong Brand Identity

When we first think about brand identity, it first comes to mind the visual of the company (logo for example) or its products. However, it’s so much more than that. Brand identity it’s built from the inside, starting with the company’s values and employee relationships.

A strong business culture shows that your company is truthful and committed to its customer.

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