Creating a practical Lone Working Policy

Lone working comes with a range of risks and it is important to identify and think through such risks. The night time shopkeeper, the care assistant, the machinery operators, the care giver, the driver, the prison warden, the travelling corporate, the consultant and so many more all work partially or fully alone.

It is important that companies consider how to care for their lone workers and provide practical guidance on how to ensure the provision of a safe and healthy working environment for lone workers within any organisation. No matter what risk we are trying to mitigate against we need to start the process through a completion of a risk assessment which will ensure that we can write a policy that is specific and suitable to the conditions of our organisations lone workers.

All these documents then need to be examined and shared with your lone workers to double check that they are relevant and fit in with what they do. Here in HRLocker we have a number of employees who work remotely, it is important that they have either a clean dedicated space to work in at home or if that is not possible we can source a co working space for them.

Here in Ireland we have a housing crisis so the lone worker is the future, with movements like Grow Remote putting the needs of lone workers in the public eye and the new national broadband scheme on the horizon things are looking up for connecting our lone employees with their coworkers in new innovative ways.

If you are interested in being part of the HRLocker journey and the possibility of remote working check out our careers page we are looking for more lone wolves to join our team!!

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