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How to select tools to manage your hybrid working teams

We have invited Tom Murphy from Commend HR on this month’s webinar to ask him how you can run a tech audit to ensure that you are using the right tech tools to ensure maximum productivity from your hybrid teams.


What’s the webinar about?

Like it or not, Covid-19 caused a mass remote working movement. As a result, in the last 18 months, companies had to scramble to put systems in place. Many companies will have a policy in place for their hybrid workers. Now is a great time to assess if you have the right tech tools in place to effectively run your hybrid working teams.

  • 57% of employees expect to be in the office 10 days or less each month.
  • 98% believe future meetings will include remote participants.

We will also have a free download and recording to watch on-demand for all attendees after the webinar.

We hope you enjoy it!


Topics the webinar covered:

  • How to future-proof your business and hybrid teams with tech tools
  • Digital touchpoint Assessment
  • Review of current software
  • Create stakeholder buy-in
  • 5 step process to digital transformation

We want to help you to make your systems more efficient to can save you valuable time administration and make your hybrid and remote teams more productive.

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