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What should you know before implementing an Applicant Tracking System?

There is no doubt that businesses can reap substantial benefits from the effective utilization of a technologically advanced ATS solution that is driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). From automating manual recruiting activities, creating a robust employer brand to building a superefficient workforce, an Applicant Tracking System can work wonders for driving phenomenal business results in as little time as possible.


Breaking the into 4 steps, you can ensure the success of your implementation of an applicant tracking system in your organisation:


  • Become familiar with the requirements of your HR team and business objectives


In order to implement an applicant tracking software in your company, being aware of the needs of your HR team and key business objectives is important. Before you implement an ATS solution in your business, you should do a careful assessment of your organisational operations. 

This will provide you with more insight into the usage details and features that are required for turbocharging the overall talent acquisition efficiency in an instant.


 Once you have successfully determined this information, you will be able to find the most suitable ATS solution for your organisation. Therefore, all your employees in the HR department will benefit from the advantages of the ATS software by understanding how the implementation of the same will help in achieving the company’s business goals. 


Many employees can be reluctant to work with new technology, effective communication with the business teams will go a long way in facilitating a common understanding of vital business goals.


  • Get support from your software provider


The company that you will be working with will need to chat with you and possibly some of your project team members to go over any questions and get a feel for what your current processes look like.


It is essential to formulate an implementation strategy to ensure that all business expectations are met in the best way possible. Make certain that you pose fundamental questions related to the ATS solution such as the features included in the package, functionality, feasible risks, additional implementation charges etc.


 In most cases, the software provider will do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to the technical aspects of implementation and integration, but it may help them to know more about your company. Having your project team present may also be helpful for later training.


  • Have a purpose and have a clear vision for the end goals

Decide what you want your new system to improve and do for your company. If you are using a system already, identify what is not working for you and make sure that those things are set to be addressed by the new system. 


It is also important to figure out the logistics of how you will be transferring over data from current procedures to the new system and what you plan to transfer.


It is important to communicate your goal across the team when implementing an applicant tracking system. This may reflect changes suggested by the winning vendor.  When reinforcing a common understanding of goals and objectives is key.

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  • Train your recruitment team and determine who will have access to what

Training your human resources team to use the ATS software is imperative for successful system adoption amongst employees. You can roll out a plan to train your people in a more efficient way so that they do not face any major hardships while utilizing the newly implemented ATS solution for recruiting tasks.


Most ATS allow you to specify different permissions based on job codes and setting this up during implementation can save time and trouble later. Determining permissions will allow you to strategically gear training and may help prevent confusion as managers and recruiters only see what is necessary.


An advantage of ATS implementation is that it can facilitate long-term collaboration between employees working in separate organizational departments to ensure more informed and team-based decision making. Therefore, make sure that you invest in feature-packed Applicant Tracking Software to multiply recruiting efficacy in your organization and hire the right talent swiftly.


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