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5 ways to improve employee engagement while working remotely

In the current climate with the majority of people working from home, employee engagement has become key to maintaining a happy workforce. It’s difficult for employees to have impromptu conversations with their manager when they have to book a zoom call rather than an informal chat by the water cooler.

Issues such as annual leave requests, work-related issues and personal issues are always dealt with in a formal way but that simple water cooler chat was quite often a lifeline for managers to pick up on small things that their employees may have been struggling with. 

So how can we improve this when we are still working remotely and will probably continue to do so for the immediate future?

Ways to boost employee engagement in your company


Now is the time to start to engage more with your employees by going beyond annual surveys with always-on employee engagement listening.

The post will help you achieve employee engagement in your organization; small steps work best!


Highlight your company’s mission and values to your employees:


Engagement within employees increases when there’s a goal they understand and a purpose to inspire them. Your core values and mission statement are the foundation of your company culture, which plays a large role in how engaged your employees are. 


Start by creating a concise list of company core values, then explain and present the values to all employees. Doing so will guarantee employees understand the importance of the company’s values, how they positively impact the business and what’s expected of each individual. 



Organise volunteering events even though it may be online…

Organising volunteer days, events during and after work is a great way to boost employee engagement as well as morale. 

Even during this time of lockdown under covid regulations, it’s still possible to sign up for some worthy causes online.

Employees like to know they work for a company that cares about making a positive contribution to important causes. You can even ask employees what charities they would be most interested in supporting which opens up the opportunity for even further employee engagement, learning what causes are close to your employee’s hearts, and why. You may not be able to contribute in person right now, but sometimes just being part of online groups that help others is a good way to start.

Volunteering unites employees toward a larger purpose, offering an opportunity to connect on a deeper level.


Recognise and reward outstanding achievements:

Engaged employees will go out of their way to go the extra mile. Naturally, when working exceptionally hard in their role, employees want to know that leadership recognises and appreciates their efforts. Take time to acknowledge your employees and allow them to do the same as their peers. 

Since feedback is a top priority among employees, encourage managers to make positive recognition part of their day-to-day. Utilize your communications channel to promote acknowledgements to the whole company. Additionally, consider engaging your HR department to implement an incentive program. Recognition and praise will make other employees want to follow suit. There are lots of ways you can recognise your staff members, from vouchers to their favourite coffee shops (they can still be used during lockdown!) or even a shoutout at your weekly stand up can be enough.


Prioritize feedback:

Employees crave feedback, and it influences their level of engagement.  When employees have monthly or even fortnightly meetings with their employees it allows all parties to speak openly about how they are getting on. 

Some employees, perhaps new starters, may have concerns and not sure when is a good time to bring these concerns up. This gives management time to ask staff if there’s anything they want to discuss. 

Similarly, if staff members are struggling, this employee engagement session gives managers a chance to speak about any support they could offer to help.

Start by scheduling check-ins for each employee with their manager, then encourage middle management to establish regular review sessions with their team as an ongoing initiative to improve employee engagement. 


Organise company outings, they can’t happen in real life right now, but online will still show you care!


The level of employee engagement in your workplace has a lot to do with how your employees relate to one another. Therefore it is a good idea to set up opportunities for them to connect on things outside of work and foster personal relationships. You don’t have to go far or break the bank to do so —online quiz nights or other game nights are some ideas. 

This is another chance to engage with employees and see what sort of event the world to enjoy and if they want to help in the organisation. Make sure to provide some variety in your events to promote inclusivity.

The long and the short of it is that you don’t need to do much to really engage with your people. A little goes a long way. Check-in regularly, organise a couple of social events (even if they are online), recognise hard work and shout out those that are going the extra mile. You will be surprised just how much it means to your people.


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