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Performance Management is changing. The traditional process of the annual review which looks back over the events good and bad of the past year, is being replaced with more frequent communication.

This new approach is coupled with a shift in focus to the future and what happens next. Instead of berating someone for a mishap that happened 9 months ago, why not talk about how you can prevent it from happening again? Offer to get them training or support, and do what is needed to be a better employer and retain, train and develop your staff. This makes good business sense and will pay off in the long run.

Here in HRLocker we thought- what if you tried something different? Why can’t we make reviews something positive? So we came up with a solution- HRLocker Real Time Reviews

By changing the tone and making reviews more frequent and constructive, we can create a conversation between management and employees. A conversation that becomes part of keeping your staff on track and focused on what matters. Reviews also provide a way for management to identify problems before they become massive issues and find out when someone needs help or assistance reaching their goals.

This is something our CEO Adam Coleman values and it has inspired us here in HRLocker to research and experiment with ways to keep employees engaged.

“Employees like to feel like they are progressing. Pay particular attention to employees continued professional development. If you up-skill them in ways that will make them more capable of delivering results, not only will you see improvements in your organisation but you will see an improvement in employees demeanor and morale. If you invest in your employees they will invest in you. It’s that simple”, –Adam Coleman HRLocker CEO

You could take a leap of faith and try something new! How about we-

  • throw away the 26 page document! Get rid of the spreadsheets!
  • make reviews more frequent and less document heavy, if an important conversation happens record it! Record a short summary, save it, schedule the next one, employee responds and job done!
  • Allow employee to record feedback and have their voice heard.
  • Have the employee measured against values and goals that align with those of the business.
  • Invest in employees by advocating training when needed and recording the request on the system.
  • Look forward and not backward with reviews focused on performance now not 6 months ago. If there is a problem address it in real time and sort it out.
  • Use the smileys wisely lay out ground rules about what the smileys mean and what they are used to measure. No Smiley Rating Bazookas!
  • Do a bit of prep work, create a Real Time Review Rule Book for your company that is shared in our HR Docs management feature. You can require a digital signature ensuring accountability for people that don’t buy in.
  • Spot problem management or disruptive teams early and intervene in a positive way.

The performance management systems so many companies have now are not working! What should be a positive way of keeping staff engaged has turned into a dreaded dare we say even hated process.

By limiting performance reviews to an annual check the box exercise it is highly likely that opportunities are missed to catch and address problems early. Disengaged employees can result in high turnover, workplace strife and disruption. By increasing the frequency of reviews and making them less formal employees feel connected and engaged.

When you talk about Performance Management with people, it tends to be a fairly contentious and despised process. Not only is it controversial, it also sucks up valuable working hours and burdens management. Managers, who no doubt already have plenty to do, are stuck having to keep track of scheduling & conducting reviews with multiple employees who may all have quite different review cycles and who, lets be honest, may hate the process.

The multi national consultancy firm Deloitte estimated their staff were spending 1.8 million hours a year on doing reviews! With a staff of over 65,000 that is a significant chunk of time! The fact is, meeting once a year is not enough! Goals and objectives can change from month to month and monitoring how employees perform should be done on an ongoing basis.

Our CEO Adam Coleman believes that in order for performance management to add value to your business it needs to be less about the past and more about the future. We don’t need to use reviews to punish and reward employees!

By making the review process less intense and more frequent a company can benefit with better employee manager communication and higher employee engagement.

Here In HRLocker we have developed our new feature HRLocker Real Time Reviews (RTR) to facilitate scheduling, composing, and conducting reviews while also gathering employee feedback. We know and understand that companies have spent a lot of time fine-tuning their review process but is it working? Is a 26 page form too much?

We have made HRLocker Real Time Reviews a blank slate with each side able to state, record and save their views. This digital document then serves as a permanent record accessible to the employee and the manager.

We are trying to make the review process feel more open and inclusive. We believe reviews should be used to keep peoples goals, aspirations and things like training needs or career paths recorded, tracked and prioritized.


With the Real Time Reviews system keeping what needs to be done now and next front and center we hope to enable Reviewing Managers to stay organized.

To keep the review process on track we have created a task based dashboard that allows you to stay on top of the review schedule. We have cards that alert if there are incomplete reviews, if feedback has been received or not, plus scheduling alerts.

No Secrets!! We believe that performance reviews can be an open and transparent process. The Manager and Employee can both see everything that has been recorded about the review or catch up, this is to encourage open transparency in the workplace.

During our research we discovered that every single company has a different process and that is why we have also given the Reviewing Managers the ability to upload documents onto the review. We have also made it possible to save a draft allowing Reviewing Managers to prepare beforehand or begin to write up the review and return to complete it at a later time.

As an example, lets take a company that conducts catch ups every two weeks with a manager reviewing up to 20 people. This means they have up to 780 reviews to conduct a year! Real Time Reviews would be a great place to record even a few short lines about these catch ups while also being there to record quarterly and yearly reviews as well.

What constitutes a review is up to the company, but we believe that it is important to have a set of values and goals that can be used to measure employee performance. These can then be shared with employees and used as a barometer for how their work is going.

If, like us, your team meet up frequently, HRLocker Real Time Reviews is a great system for recording these meetings taking place. It may just be one or two lines but it allows the employee to feel present and heard. We have also made it so the employees can request to have a review. This can be used by employees if there is something urgent that needs to be addressed. Keeping records when employees are having issues is important and by using RTR, where the employee can respond with feedback, it can be recorded and stored and referred to if needed in the future.

One thing that we also feel is often overlooked about the review process is the ability it can give company management to have an overview of how the employee to manager relationship is working in the company.

By keeping an eye on the review process HR can detect managers that are struggling or excelling. A bad manager can cause high turnover and cost your business money. We have created a reporting system within RTR that shows an overview of the company sentiment scores, how frequent reviews are occurring and how long is it taking for employees to provide feedback.

Within our system we have included a sentiment score that consists of a choice of three smileys. What these smileys mean should be determined beforehand by the company. A unregulated frowning smiley can be a powerful thing. What the smileys stand for should depend on what your company wants them to mean.

A smiley can stand for how the employee is feeling about their work or it could represent how they are fairing on completing their goals. Our advice is to assign values to the smileys to avoid making Real Time Reviews a negative process. We want to change performance management and free up all the valuable hours being spent on a process that does not necessarily improve employees results.

Performance Management is changing and here in HRLocker we would be more then happy to show you our system and have a chat about how our company can make it a force for good within your organization. There is nothing to loose by trying a new approach and recent research suggests that 90% of companies that have made performance management less scary and more frequent and open are benefiting from the change.

Deloitte Performance Management Change


If you are interested in learning more about our HRLocker Real Time Reviews, our new Performance Management feature, we would be happy to go through the system with you!

BOOK A CALL or if you would like to get in contact by chat by simply using the chat bubble (in the bottom right hand corner of this screen) and we can get back to you by phone or email!

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