HR Documents

Store all vital employee documentation in one easy access location to allow employees to review and agree to policy documents without printing anything.
hr documents

Upload and Store your Documents in one Safe Place

This feature allows you to easily store and publish documents to different users and different offices.

It’s also possible to flag important documents, such as employee handbooks, contracts or other policy documents that need to be signed. Employees can read these documents online, or print them out, and provide an electronic signature confirming that they have read them.


  • Simple Upload Function.
  • Electronic Signatures.
  • Manage employee contracts.
  • Give company wide access to expense forms and other policy and procedure documents.

See How Documents are Digitally Distributed and Signed

HRLocker keeps a record (available via the reporting export function) of all digitally signed documents and who has and has not confirmed they have read and understood items such as company policy handbooks etc.

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