Performance Management/Real Time Reviews

Our latest HRLocker feature Real Time Reviews allows you to record and store reviews or appraisals for easy reference in the future.  It incorporates a feedback element to capture both sides of the story,  both Management & Employee

performance management


  • Schedule and automate the Review process
  • Store your performance reviews and eliminate paper with the digital record available for both manager and employee to revisit.
  • Get Employees involved with real time feedback able to record their viewpoint.
  • Allow Employees to request a review if necessary.
  • Document weekly catch ups helping managers and employees to stay connected and engaged
  • Monitor and report on how performance reviews are going in the company.
  • Get the advice of our HR experts and make your performance management system an effective and positive element of managing staff.
  • Report on how the review process is running in your company with reports on frequency, sentiment and time to complete reviews available.
  • Stop performance management fears with a simple less scary process!

Make Performance Management Count!

Performance management is changing. The focus on annual appraisal and 360 degree reviews is being replaced with an ongoing conversation between managers and employees. We have made our new Performance Management feature Real Time Reviews with this conversation in mind.

If you need support or advice on future thinking processes that keep employees highly engaged and motivated please contact our highly experienced HR experts for free, impartial advice and ask- “What is the easiest way to embed a performance management culture in your business?”

We have made Performance management easier!

We know that careful planning is required before you create a new process and automate new workflows for your teams. But once this work is done our system is easy to use and implement these practices.

We recommend that you outline what is expected in line with the companies culture and mission. If you have documents that you use these can be completed and saved onto the review.

To prepare for roll out it will be important to know who will need to be made aware of exactly how your system works.
Its also important that people know what part they are expected to play in the process. An important piece, that will help to introduce fairness and buy in, is to inform employees how they will be measured and what they will be measured against.

We have implemented a smiley face sentiment measure on the reviews. This allows the Reviewer and the Employee to log their sentiment about the process. These smileys give your company the opportunity to measure whatever you deem they should stand for. We also have reporting capabilities built in which will allow companies to check up on how things are running.

In an Ideal HR world objectives and behaviors are what people and departments should be measured against. Creating the right set for your company takes time and practice! If you need help with this process we also do HR consultancy and can help if needed. Call our experts to discuss!


We would love to introduce you to HRLocker Real Time Reviews or to speak to you about how you currently do performance management, why a change may be good and the future of work!


So we can show you how HRLocker Real Time Reviews can change the way you do performance management.

Do you really need to spend countless hours and waste you employees valuable time with a 26 page review docment? What about trying something new! It is time to make Performace Management something positive and valuable. By engaging employees and keeping managers on track we aim to simplify the process. 



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