Performance Management

HR Locker gives your company the mechanism to manage performance. You can record and store performance documents for easy reference in the future.
performance management


  • Set next review reminders.
  • Store and sign-off performance review records and eliminate paper.
  • Get the advice of experts and make your performance management system effective.

Be in Control

Choose to either use your existing forms, or take the opportunity to rollout a new system.

If support or advice on new processes that keep employees highly engaged and motivated is needed, please contact our highly experienced HR experts for free, impartial advice and ask “What is the easiest way to embed a performance management culture in your business?”

Careful planning is required before you automate new workflows for your teams, who will need to be made aware exactly how your system works, what part they play in the process, how they will be measured and what they will be measured against.

Objectives and behaviors are what people and departments should be measured against, this takes time and practice! Call our experts to discuss!

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