Setting up HRLocker in your organisation

Get ready to improve employee engagement and operational efficiency!


What is an HR system?

human resource system helps automating all processes throughout the employee lifecycle and facilitates employee management and boosts employee engagement.

Independently of the size of your business, a cloud based HR software will make your life easier. It helps with tracking applicants, onboarding, managing payroll and benefits, performance management and many more.



Setting up HRLocker in your organisation

How to Setup your HR System?

1. Project Setup

For a successful setup you will need to follow three stages:

  • Plan
  • Analyse
  • Design

2. Implementation Timeline

On this stage you will analyse the requirements that you documented. A thorough analysis and specification of what outcomes you want to see from those processes will allow an easier configuration of your account.


Implementation Stages

  • Account Configuration
  • Pilot Team Testing
  • User Training and Onboarding
  • Monitoring
Setting up HRLocker in your organisation
Setting up HRLocker in your organisation

3. Build and Test

Now that you have the system implemented, you will realise that often there are some discrepancies between the plan and what the system can actually do. So it’s time to:


  • Process Design
  • Create Pilot Groups
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Gather Feedback

4. Roll Out

To start with the use of the HR system you will need to setup and test your data and test if everything is running smoothly. Just then you will be able to launch the system.


Important Steps

(1) Systems

(2) Integrations

(3) Testing

(4) Communications

(5) Go Live

(6) Tracking


Setting up HRLocker in your organisation
Setting up HRLocker in your organisation

5. Ongoing Support

Once the system is implemented, it’s important keep track of how it was received by your company employees and make sure that it is easy for them to communicate any questions they may have.

You should:

  • System Support

Make sure that ongoing support is always available both from yourselves (People Ops) as from the system provides (HRLocker).

  • Training

Provide the necessary training to your employees. You could run open office hours, learn sessions and system training for new hires

  • Feedback and Improvements

Ask for employee’s feedback using eNPS, regular check-ins and surveys


You’re all set up!

HRLocker Benefits

Make everyone happy and increase productivity!

For Employees
  • Improves employee experience
  • Better engagement
  • Deeper role description
  • Higher understanding of their performance and development
  • Real time feedback
For Managers
  • Teams management support
  • Increase of productivity
  • Better employee engagement
For HR Departments
  • Tasks automation
  • Facilitates strategic insights that lead decision making
  • Employee experience and engagement improvement
For C-Suite
  • Offers powerful reporting
  • Provides full visibility of goals and engagement
  • Allows to make strategic decisions based on data

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