Digital Transformation Consultants

Why HRLocker should be considered a part of your Digital Transformation?

We want to help you reach your business ambitions!

HRLocker wants to ensure that you and your clients get the most out of everything HRLocker and our Partnership programme offer.

As a Digital Transformation Consultant is fundamental that you support your organisation with a modern setup to succeed in this digital age.

Digital Transformation Consultants

Why HRLocker should be part of your Modern Workplace?

Our software digitally transforms people management and recruitment efforts for professional companies.

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HR Partner Programme for Ireland and UK HR consultants

Our multi-award-winning software provides you with the opportunity to work with existing and new clients on their digital transformation journey, to literally transform the way they work.

Through partnering with HRLocker, we will help to grow your business, enhance your digital offering and provide a trusted solution which solves common employee issues for your client.

Companies are realising that their people are the most important assets in their organisation. They need their people to focus on strategic areas of the business, and automating HR tasks supports this journey.

How will HRLocker benefit your business?

  • Monthly 20% commission on all HRLocker licensed business
  • Free Account for up to 15 users
  • Certified HRLocker deployment service
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Full technical support service for each customer
  • Joint Marketing and Social media campaigns
  • Quarterly catch ups
  • System Training for you and your clients
  • Business Development
Digital Transformation Consultants
Digital Transformation Consultants

What is HR Digital Transformation?

The process of changing existing HR processes with the view of being more automated and data-driven.

HRLocker supports Digital Transformation Partners working with clients to streamline their time & attendance, document management, employee data, performance management, training records and recruitment and onboarding. More can be found on HRLocker here. You can also book a call with one of the Modern Workplace executives here to discuss our partnership channel.

A Growing Digital World!

HR digital transformation isn’t optional in a world that’s digitalizing at a fast pace.

Employees can experience virtually anything in their lives to be digitally. HR teams and employers simply can’t stay behind. The adoption of digital tech in HR can save time and money, enhance compliance & employee engagement and attract & retain talent. It can also improve access and detail in operational reports for business intelligence whilst allowing HR teams and line managers to focus on more strategic areas of the business.

Digital Transformation Consultants

How to get started with HR Digital Transformation

It can seem difficult when it comes to making that first step in a digital transformation journey. So here are a few tips:


1. Establish a clear goal

Before commencing a transformational journey, establish a clearly defined goal. The focus should always be on the employee. As end-user, they must interact with the change for digital transformation to succeed.

2. Get everyone on board

When it comes to a digital HR transformation – something that will affect the entire organization – you need everyone onboard and ready to embrace the change.

3. Don’t overcomplicate things

Always start simple and small. Look at the areas of your HR processes that could do with improvement. Talk about this with the C Suite and the employees. Ask your people what they think should be a priority.

4. Prioritize ideas

Prioritize the long list of ideas based on impact and effort. Consider the business impact of digitalizing the ideas and the time and money it would take to go digital.

5. Assess performance

Implementing digital technologies doesn’t make much sense if you don’t look at their results. Do the tech solutions you implement truly solve the problems you originally had?

6. Culture is important

Digital technology alone is not enough for a digital transformation of an entire organisation. Employees must have a digital mindset.

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