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Woodview HRM LogoWoodview HRM specializes in Mediation and HR support for SMEs. They provide real-time HR solutions to manage people’s problems and enhance performance in a cost-effective way.


Being an HRLocker Partner Helps to Build, Retain and Add Value

Louisa Meehan shares that every time that she and Woodview HRM customers have a query about the HRLocker Software or Human Resources, the staff at HRLocker are very helpful.

“It’s really easy being an HRLocker Partner because the support that you get is brilliant.”

Building relationships is fundamental for the success of a business and according to Louisa, HRLocker connected her with their partners and other HR consultants. As well, she was also a guest on the HRLocker Podcast which helped her build her reputation and knowledge in the area.


Louisa Meehan

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HRLocker allows peace of mind for the employer and ease of use for the employee.”

Louisa Meehan, HR & Dispute Resolution Expert


Why Should You Partner with HRLocker

Louisa states that the HRLocker system is easy to use and very reliable. She mentions that because the software was built by people with an HR background it ensures that all the needs around the Human Resources subjects are being met.

Also, the system is constantly updated according to the feedback that HRLocker receive from HR consultants and HR managers.

“It’s really simple. You can have a trusted partner with an IT system that supports HR and you know that your clients will receive top-quality service for meeting their needs”

How Would You Describe HRLocker to Others?

“Simple, Reliable, and Supportive.”


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