Advancing Women in Leadership: The Role of Education and Mentorship


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To highlight International Women’s Day we were delighted to have Caroline O’Driscoll, partner with Deloitte and co-founder of I Wish as our most recent guest.

We really hope you enjoy!


International Women’s Day – Women in Leadership

In this podcast, we had an amazing conversation about women in leadership, the importance of gender diversity in teams and how to increase female representation in the more male-dominated roles.

Caroline shares the critical challenges and opportunities in increasing female representation in STEM fields, which feeds into creating more gender-diverse teams in organisations. She emphasises the significance of mentorship, the impact of role models, and the essential role that education plays in those formative years.


Women in Technology – Empowering Young Women to Embark on STEM Careers

This podcast episode offers an in-depth look into Caroline O’Driscoll’s professional journey and her influential role in promoting diversity and inclusion within the STEM landscape. Her insights provide valuable perspectives on creating a supportive environment for women in technology and related fields.

Throughout her career, Caroline had recognised a ‘leaky pipeline’ of young women coming up the ranks in high-ranking jobs. This led her to become one of the I Wish community’s founding members, an initiative to motivate teenage girls to embark on STEM careers.

She discusses some recent initiatives she has been involved in, particularly the “180 days to make a difference” mentorship program, which underscores the commitment to empowering the next generation of female leaders.

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