Attracting Talent in Today’s Competitive Market


About the Podcast

In this week’s podcast, we ask Elizabeth if non-profits face different challenges to their public sector counterparts, and if so, what can they do to attract talent. The importance of employer branding, and the benefits of working with non-profits. We also discuss to the topic of burnout and stress, and what impact the ‘great resignation’  has had on the sector.


About Elizabeth Bolger

Elizabeth Bolger is the Director of People & Programmes at The Wheel – the national association of charities, community & voluntary organisations & social enterprises.

Elizabeth has worked with The Wheel since 2005. Her role focuses on assisting the programme team, and driving the organisation’s membership, programmes and supports.

The wheel has over 2,000 non-profit organisation members and is a representative voice offering resources, advice, training, influence and advocacy to non-profits of all sizes.


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