Employee Value Propositions – Why does your company need one?


About the Podcast

In today’s show, we draw on Andrews’s experience and ask him about the importance of the Employer Value Proposition or EVP. How to create a compelling EVP, the mistakes that some companies make when defining one and the part an EVP plays in recruitment and retention.

Andrew also gives us some great takeaway tips on how to get started.


About Andrew Bartlow

Andrew Bartlow is the Founder and Managing Partner of Series B Consulting. Over the course of his career, Andrew has participated in 6 significant scale-ups, as well as multiple IPOs, and has been a part of several successful private equity exits.

He has advised dozens of C-level executives and learned from the very best during his formative years at Pepsi and General Electric.

His book scaling for success is a definitive guide for leaders of high-growth organizations seeking to understand the people-management principles that are essential to continued success.


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