Empowering your people in the Connected Workplace

How to adapt and manage your remote team

According to our recent survey on connected workforces, 62% of employees reported that their managers didn’t listen to them and failed to provide adequate feedback to enable them to perform effectively in their jobs. Interestingly, negative sentiment was highest among, hybrid (80%), compared to remote workers (66%) and those in-office (40%). Is this a connected workplace problem or a management challenge?

In this episode, we are joined by Shane Conneely to discuss remote, hybrid and flexible working, the return to the office full-time, recent layoffs and how management styles may have to change due to the ever-changing workforce.


About Shane Conneely

Shane Conneely is the Director of Policy and Communications at Chambers Ireland, Ireland’s largest business lobbying organisation representing business interests locally, regionally and nationally. Their mission is to represent the views of businesses and understand their concerns.

As Chambers Ireland’s Director of Policy and Communications, Shane supports the work of the Chamber Network over various policy areas focusing on digitalisation, infrastructure and sustainability.

You can find Shane Conneely’s LinkedIn here.

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