ESG Requirements: CSRD Mandates, Reporting Deadlines, and Funding

Welcome to the HRLocker Podcast, your go-to source for insightful discussions on the latest HR topics. In this episode, we delve into the world of corporate responsibility and ESG, with a particular focus on the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and its implications for companies across Ireland.

Joining us is Patrick Meskell from the Skillnet Climate Ready Academy——an expert in steering companies of all sizes through the nuances of strategic sustainability. Patrick, an ESG practitioner, is deeply committed to enabling organisations to harness the advantages of early ESG integration.


Unpacking ESG Requirements and Financial Support

In this episode, we unpack the timelines and mandates of the CSRD, provide guidance on impending ESG reporting deadlines, and delve into available financial support and funding to facilitate the transition towards formulating an ESG framework. We also highlight proactive measures your company can implement to align with ESG standards sooner rather than later, ensuring your company is ready to meet compliance expectations.

Whether you’re seeking to stay ahead of the curve or simply aiming to navigate the evolving landscape, this episode is packed with insights you won’t want to miss.

About Our Guest: Patrick Meskell

Patrick Meskell brings a wealth of experience as a sustainability practitioner with the Skillnet Climate Ready Academy, specialising in devising and delivering training to businesses of all scales on strategic sustainability matters. He’s dedicated to assisting organisations in recognizing the value and opportunities associated with early adoption and planning across all aspects of ESG.

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