How to drive efficiency in your business through effective Project Management

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Latest news reports can be daunting, budget cuts, recession and cost savings are at the fore. Many companies are looking for innovative ways of making cost savings and increasing productivity in their businesses.
Sometimes, by taking a look at current processes within your company, you can save time and money by planning effectively, and it doesn’t always have to be an additional cost.

On this HRLocker Podcast episode, we talk to Gareth Purdy, a leader in the field of Project Management.

We ask Gareth to run us through the fundamentals of what good project management looks like, When businesses should start implementing project management into their daily processes and what kind of outlay (if any) you need to consider when implementing Project Management.

He gives us some great insights into the role of a PM, the skillsets required and some excellent tips on how you can roll out successful projects on time and on budget.


About Gareth Purdy

Gareth is an experienced project management leader who has successfully designed and delivered several project management improvement programmes. His skills lie in recovering failing projects and mentoring teams from sub-par to high-performance levels.

Accredited by APM, he has managed single projects as large as £30m, programmes of up to £130m and portfolios greater than £200m

Contact Details: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/garethpurdy


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