Furlough during Covid-19 and beyond


About the Podcast

In today’s episode, we are joined by Aine Crilly, Managing Director of The HR Elephant. The HR Elephant is a Human Resource Consultancy based in Newry.

We speak about furlough, unfurloughing and even RE-furloughing. Who knew there was so much involved in Furlough?! Don’t miss out on these topical insights. Aine answers tough questions on employers furloughing employees correctly, documentation required upon return and responsibilities around Covid-19 testing.


About Aine Crilly

Aine Crilly is the Managing Director of  The HR Elephant, she has a wealth of experience in managing many complex HR issues, employment legislation and HR best practice. She has worked as an Independent Consultant with a variety of clients on extensive HR projects including small to medium-sized businesses, and multinational professional services groups and gained considerable international HR experience in Canada.

She holds an MSc in Human Resource Management, and a BSc in Law and is a member of both the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and the Institute of Business Consultants & Advisors. Aine is also a part-time HR Lecturer and qualified Assessor across several accredited qualifications.


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