Updated HR Questions on Remote/Flexible Working


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On today’s show, we welcome back Katie Ridge, head of employer relations at Adare Human resource management. With changes in restrictions underway and many people returning to the workplace, we ask Katie some topical questions around remote and flexible working such as contracts of employment, do you need to update them if you are facilitating flexible working?

And – do employers have the right to refuse full-time remote working? Also up today, we have seen some reports of companies talking about reducing salaries of full-time remote workers, Katie gives us the legal perspective of where employers stand.

And lastly, the great resignation – Katie talks to us about the recent result of the barometer report and how we are currently living in an employee market. As usual, Katie brings us up to date on the legal standpoints on these current HR questions….


About Katie Ridge

Katie Ridge has a broad range of experience in employment law, specialising in workplace investigations, grievance and disciplinary matters. She also represents Organisations in the Workplace Relations Commission and Labour Court.

Prior to joining Adare Human Resource Management, she has supported a diverse range of private, not-for-profit and public sector Organisations. She worked as an HR practitioner, Barrister and Employment law Consultant in my previous roles.


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