Women’s Health in the Workplace

About the Podcast

Approx. 600,000 women in Ireland are affected by menopause and other women’s health-related issues at any one time.

These issues can undermine women’s confidence, and recent surveys show, that up to 8% of women affected, exit the workforce as a result of women’s health-related issues.

Research shows that companies that are taking an affirmative action by having support in place, help greatly with recruitment & retention as employees feel supported in their workplace.

Katie gives us some great insights into what companies should do, how to promote awareness and create an environment where women can feel safe to have open conversations about these issues, and what policies progressive companies should put in place in order to see the benefits of supporting their female employees.

About Katie Ridge

Katie Ridge has a broad range of experience in employment law, specialising in workplace investigations, grievance and disciplinary matters. She also represents Organisations in the Workplace Relations Commission and Labour Court.

Prior to joining Adare Human Resource Management, she has supported a diverse range of private, not-for-profit and public sector Organisations. She worked as an HR practitioner, Barrister and Employment law Consultant in my previous roles.


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