CFO Blueface Testimonial

Blueface Testimonial

Blueface is a rapidly expanding business both in Ireland and internationally. Entering a hyper-growth phase placed a strain on our legacy HR strategy.

Disparate HR management processes were introduced across departments but it was becoming increasingly difficult to track business movements.

Blueface wanted global oversight but had global HR integration concerns and were unsure of the time it would take to implement this solution.

HRLocker enables enhanced preparation and planning for everyone in Blueface and helps maintain our business continuity. It was clear that the HRLocker team were friendly and willing to go the extra mile – but more importantly they had the software to back that up.

Of all the features, the ability to have a company-wide, control-tower view of who is off and when is extremely important when trying to schedule meetings with clients across the globe.

Staff buy-in to rolling out HRLocker has been strong. Like Blueface’s unified phone system, HRLocker’s all-in-one strategic human resource management system is easy to use from the outset.

Time off requests can be submitted at any time, anywhere making it simple for both the employee and their manager. Finally, their support team are a testament to the power of strong HR, but the product is so user friendly that we rarely need to contact them.

CFO Sean O’Riordan

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