Bradford Factor - Calculate Employee's Absenteeism

The Bradford Factor is a system to measure and analyse employee absenteeism as a contributing factor to overall workplace performance.


Bradford Factor Calculator

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Number of instances of absence


Total number of days absent in a 52-week period


Bradford Factor Examples

Employee A

Over the last 12 months, Employee A has been absent from work on 6 occasions due to sickness. These 6 occasions account for 8 days of absence in total over the 12 month period.

Employee A’s Bradford Factor score is 288 which is calculated by:

S x S x D = Bradford Factor

6 x 6 x 8 = 288

Employee B

Over the last 12 months, Employee B has been absent from work on 2 occasions due to sickness. These 2 occasions account for 16 days of absence in total over the 12 month period.

Employee B’s Bradford Factor score is 64 which is calculated by:

S x S x D = Bradford Factor

2 x 2 x 16 = 64

What is the Bradford Factor?

The Bradford Factor is a system that utilises an equation to measure and quantify the amount of employee absence in the workplace. The equation takes into account the number of times an employee has been absent, as well as the length of each absence. By assigning a score to each absence, employers can track patterns of absenteeism more easily and effectively manage employees’ performance.

Bradford Factor

Assessing Absenteeism with the Bradford Factor

The Bradford Factor is a great tool for assessing employee absenteeism, as it takes into account both the frequency and duration of absences. It is particularly useful for identifying trends in absences over time and can help you to address issues such as long-term sick leave or habitual short-term absence. By monitoring the scores of individual employees, you can quickly identify when an employee’s performance might be impacted by their attendance record. Your team can then work with that employee to make sure they are managing any personal or work-related issues they may have.

Benefits of Using the Bradford Factor

The Bradford Factor offers a range of benefits to employers when it comes to understanding employee absenteeism. It can provide an early warning sign of any potential conflicts or behavioural issues among team members, as well as help HR departments identify high frequencies of short-term absences. Additionally, the Bradford Factor also helps in terms of budgeting and forecasting staff absences, allowing you to better plan and allocate resources accordingly.

Bradford Factor
Bradford Factor

Practical Applications of the Bradford Factor

The Bradford Factor is a great way for businesses to gain a better understanding of employee absenteeism, allowing them to address any potential issues in a timely and effective manner. By setting realistic attendance targets and implementing the Bradford system, you can quickly spot patterns of absence and intervene where needed. Moreover, the impact of introducing Bradford across your team’s performance KPIs should not be understated. Increased visibility and accountability can go a long way in preventing absences from disrupting productivity levels.

Bradford Factor Report in HRLocker

Our HR Software can be used to calculate and download Bradford Factor Score across your organisation. Filter by employee, team, department and even office to easily extract that important information.

The reports can be exported as a CSV file, which allows you to store and manipulate the data in a spreadsheet that could be emailed to your colleagues who need to see the data or extracted by the selected managers and admins. Alternatively, the reports can be printed as they are displayed in our system. Book a demo to find out how we can help you with automatically calculating a Bradford Factor Score for your employees and company.

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