Streamlining HR Excellence

Applying Lean Principles to Human Resources Processes

Lean principles are a set of guidelines designed to eliminate waste and optimise productivity within a businesses processes. They focus on delivering value to the customer, streamlining the value-creation process, ensuring smooth workflow, and aligning business outputs to internal and external customer demand.

When applied to Human Resource Management, Lean can streamline HR processes, eliminate non-value adding activities, and improve efficiency. This can lead to quicker resolution of employee issues, more efficient recruitment processes, and overall improvement in employee satisfaction. Additionally, it can assist employees through change and foster a culture of continuous improvement within the organisation. By focusing on value from the employee’s perspective, Lean HRM can contribute to a more engaged and productive workforce.

By the end of this Lunch and Learn workshop delivered by Crystel Robbin Rynne, HRLocker we will have covered the following:


  • Welcome and objectives
  • Brief overview of Lean principles

Understanding Lean in HR

  • Definition and importance of Lean
  • Key Lean concepts: value stream mapping, waste reduction, continuous improvement

Application of Lean in HR Processes

  • Case studies and examples of Lean in HR
  • Hands-on activity: Mapping a current HR process (e.g., recruitment or onboarding) to identify waste

Integration with Sustainable People Practices

  • Aligning Lean initiatives with Sustainable People Practices framework
  • Discussion on how Lean can enhance sustainability in HR

Funding Opportunities

  • Overview of potential funding sources for Lean HR initiatives
  • Tips on how to secure funding
  • Q&A and Wrap-up

The next section will be held June 13 at 1 PM.

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