Employment Law Updates 2022

Legislative changes for 2022 impacting businesses

With the evolving employment law landscape, it is more important than ever that Organisations keep up to date. In our webinar, Derek McKay, who has 25 years of experience working in the HR and employment law arena, provided updates on the legislative changes for 2022 impacting businesses and practical steps for Organisations to take. Key employment legislative changes include:

  • Code of Practice on Sexual Harassment and Harassment at Work
  • The Gender Pay Gap Information Act
  • Sick Leave Act
  • The Right to Request Remote Working Bill
  • Right to Flexible Work Bill
  • Work-Life Balance and Miscellaneous Provisions Bill
  • The EU Directive on Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions


About Derek McKay

Derek McKay, BBS, Chartered MCIPD, is an experienced Human Resource and Employment Law practitioner who has worked extensively in the private, not-for-profit and public sectors.

Derek’s role involves overseeing the HR and Employment Law support services provided to clients across a wide range of sectors by the team of consultants within Adare Human Resource Management. Derek regularly speaks at seminars for companies and associations throughout the country on HR and Employment related topics and contributes to numerous publications in this area also.

Prior to setting up Adare Human Resource Management in 2003, Derek worked in the Human Resource Departments in a number of multinational organisations.

Derek is currently a member of the CIPD National Committee and a member of Workplace and Skills Taskforce with Chambers Ireland.


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