How to Conduct Effective Dismissals

How to Conduct Effective Dismissals

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How to Conduct Effective Dismissals: Legal Compliance, Ethical Practices, and Cultivating Workplace Resilience

Employee dismissals require a delicate balance of legal compliance, compassion, and strategic foresight. On our upcoming webinar, we are delighted to host Fredericka Sheppard, Managing Director and Co-Founder at Voltedge, to explore the key aspects of dismissal management, offering insights and best practices to help HR professionals traverse this challenging terrain with confidence and integrity.


Webinar Key Topics

•  Legal Grounds for Dismissal

•  Performance Dismissals

•  Capability Assessments

•  Handling Misconduct

•  Preventive Measures and Mediation

•  Impact on Remaining Team Members, Company Culture and Brand Reputation



May 29th, 11:30 AM

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