HR Legislation Updates for 2023

What are the legislation changes in Ireland for 2023?

In our webinar, Terence Morgan, director of Business Development at GHR Consulting, provides updates on the HR legislative changes for 2023.

Important HR legislation updates include:


Introduction of Mandatory Sick Pay for Employees

The entitlement to sick pay commenced on 1 January 2023 under the Sick Leave Act 2022.

  • Paid sick leave for up to 3 sick days per year. This will increase to 5 days in 2024, 7 days in 2025 and 10 days in 2026.
  • A rate of payment for statutory sick leave of 70% of normal wages to be paid by employers (up to a maximum €110 per day).
  • Take a complaint to the WRC where they are not provided with a company sick pay scheme.


The Payment of Wages (Amendment) (Tips and Gratuities) Act, 2022

The Payment of Wages (Amendment) (Tips and Gratuities) Act 2022 gives new rights to employees, prohibiting the use of tips and gratuities to ‘make up’ contractual rates of pay.

  • Employers can not use tips to make up an employee’s basic wage or make deductions from an employee’s wage in respect of tips and gratuities made to an employee.
  • Employers must clearly display their policy on tips and gratuities for customers clarifying how they are distributed.
  • Employers may not use the term ‘service charge’ or similar unless the gratuity goes directly to staff.


Gender Pay Gap Reporting

The Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021 requires employers to disclose the pay gap between male and female employees. Currently, the legislation requires employers with more than 250 employees to report on the hourly gender pay gap in their organisation across a range of metrics.

Download HRLocker’s Gender Pay Gap Reporting here.


Work-Life Balance and Miscellaneous Provisions Bill 2022

This Bill proposes a number of legislative changes which are designed to allow for a better work-life balance for parents and carers, to encourage more equal sharing of parental leave between men and women and ultimately to try and improve the representation of women in the labour market.

The main proposals in the Bill include:

  • Right to Request Remote Working
  • A right to leave for medical care purposes
  • Amendments to the Maternity Protection Act 1994 (Breastfeeding)
  • Domestic Violence Leave


Preparation for Auto-Enrolment Pension Scheme in Ireland

The Auto-Enrolment Pension scheme will take effect in Ireland from January 2024. Employers will have all of 2023 to prepare for this new legislative requirement.

Under the scheme, employees will be required to make certain minimum contributions to a pension scheme and employers will be obliged to match those contributions, which will then be topped up by the State.


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