Project Management – New Feature Update!

Centralise and Plan Projects

In this webinar, we explained our brand new feature – Project Management!

We ran through:

Centralise and plan projects from start to finish

Our Project Management feature is very adaptable. You are able to adapt to your organisation. Our Project Management module is organised following the structure:

Portfolio > Programmes > Projects > Tasks

Easily manage multiple projects from one central location

This feature allows you to manage all your projects remotely from one central location. Less paperwork, less time and more productivity.

Create programs and projects and assign team members

In the creation of a Project, you will be able to add various parameters such as name, project code (or generate one), start and end date, employees’ roles and their charge per hour, project manager, budget and as well, if you need, you can add your own customisable field.

You can assign projects to employees with a number of tasks that they have to complete. These tasks will go onto individuals’ timesheets.

Follow all your projects status

You are able to track the Project status and its timeline. Following the status of all of your projects will keep you on track and reach your goals.

You can check the days remaining, hours recorded, budget, charge, tasks completed and tasks remaining.


This new feature will allow you to build out a framework for project management in your business, allowing you to establish project goals and objectives, build project plans, manage resources, meet deadlines, and close projects on time and on budget.

Project management helps you get the best out of your people. Accurately tracking time, tasks, and goals can show you when your people are thriving and when they need more support. And if expenditure goes a bit beyond what you were planning, it’s far easier to identify the course of events that led to overspending when it’s all recorded. 

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