Real Time Reviews

What’s the webinar about?

HRLocker Real-Time Reviews (RTR) facilitates scheduling, composing, and conducting reviews while gathering employee feedback. Real-Time Reviews is a blank slate with each side able to state, record and save their views. This digital document then serves as a permanent record accessible to the employee and the manager.

In this webinar, we run through in detail our Real-Time-Reviews features.


Real-Time Reviews… Why?

Real-Time Reviews keep what needs to be done now and text front and centre to enable Reviewing Managers to stay organized.

To keep the review process on track we have created a task-based dashboard that allows you to stay on top of the review schedule. We have cards that alert if there are incomplete reviews, if feedback has been received or not, plus scheduling alerts.

During our research, we discovered that every company has a different process which is why we have provided the Reviewing Managers with the ability to upload documents onto the review. You can also save a draft allowing Reviewing Managers to prepare beforehand or begin to write up the review and return to complete it at a later time.



The company conducts catch-ups every two weeks with a manager reviewing up to 20 people. This means they have up to 780 reviews to conduct a year! Real-Time Review is a great place to record even a few short lines about these catch-ups while also being there to record quarterly and yearly reviews.


No Secrets!! Performance reviews should be an open and transparent process. The Manager and Employee can see everything that has been recorded about the review or catch up, this is to encourage open transparency in the workplace, building a great work culture.

If your team meet up frequently, Real-Time Reviews is a great system for recording these meetings taking place, as it allows the employee to feel present and heard. Employees can request a review. This can be used by employees if there is something urgent that needs to be addressed. Keeping records when employees are having issues is important and using RTR, (where the employee can respond with feedback) can be recorded and stored and referred to if needed in the future.


Sentiment Scores

Our reporting system within RTR gives an overview of the company sentiment scores, how frequent reviews are occurring and how long is it taking for employees to provide feedback.

Within the system, we have included a sentiment score that consists of a choice of three smileys. A smiley can stand for how the employee is feeling about their work or it could represent how they are fairing on completing their goals. Our advice is to assign values to the smileys to avoid making Real-Time Reviews a negative process. We want to change performance management and free up all the valuable hours spent on a process that does not necessarily improve employee results.

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