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How Not To Buy HR Software

There are 100s, if not 1000s of HR solutions on the market. As much as we’re confident that HRLocker is the perfect, robust, supportive solution for most growing companies, you really ought to just buy the first cloud vendor that meets your needs and fits your budget. Sound radical? But it’s not really.

Otherwise, in all honesty, by shopping around too much, talking to reps and running tonnes of trials, you’re wasting all the time and money you’re trying to save.


When You Buy HR Software

You’re probably going to spend too much time scoping it out and get lots of stuff (functionality and features) that you don’t need or will never use. Often just because of the one thing you’re really prioritising from a solution that’s buried somewhere in a suite of features you don’t either want or need.

It’s probably going to take 9-12 months to scope out, set up and rollout (at least) and you are probably going to pay way over the top and will seriously dent your potential ROI.

By the time you’re eventually nearly reaching ROI, the peculiar features you wanted might be ‘out-of-date’ and a new player will already be on the landscape but likely not offering everything else you wanted.

Back to square one…


Focus on Features and their Benefits to You

You basically need to set up a small matrix listing exactly and only what you need. Itemise your ‘must-have’ features, ‘would like’ functionality and itemise other vital factors such as ISO compliance, data security standards and so on.

And then leave space for notes on what you can glean from various suppliers’ websites and conversations you have with them about backup and support and other ‘extras’ as part of the service.

HRLocker gives first-call HR support. We are always available on the other end of the phone. Don’t take our word for it, read some reviews!

Then score them and rank them. And be strict and pick, or trial, only the solutions offering what you need.


There is no such thing as HR Problems! There are, however, business issues that get in the way of making people more productive at what they do.

Why not look at the business problems that you need to solve? If the time spent managing your workforce is one of the business issues that can be more efficient, then streamline it with HR software. Find all ways possible where you can solve these types of problems through automation, smoother systems, workflows and procedures.

And, if they work, then, and only then, roll them out organisation-wide. This approach is way less financially risky. Trust me, it works.

How Not To Buy HR Software was last modified: March 4th, 2024 by Adam Coleman

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