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Whats Your Business Problem? HRLocker is here to help!

Often, when companies are small and just starting out, the first few years can be a struggle. With so many different tasks to juggle, the pressure is on.

Pressure, to not only facilitate the company’s day to day necessities like trying to keep the lights on, but also how to manage, recruit and retain talented staff.

Companies can find themselves using word documents and excel spreadsheets all cobbled together ad hoc saved in multiple files and directories. This can be a messy & time consuming way to look after employee holidays, information and salaries.

Trying to set up how you structure your business, and how you manage your employees to make sure they are doing things right is hard work. Desks can fill up with paper, and with timesheets needing to be manually checked the result is an unnecessary headache for under pressure entrepreneurs and Managers who already have enough on their plate.

If you don’t have a background in managing people or understand the basics of HR and People Management, it is daunting to learn how to manage people effectively. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is important, the inability to manage people is one of the main reasons businesses fail to progress and in many cases fail. Ineffective people management can leave your business in a dangerous position of not progressing the way you envisioned or falling short of the basic compliance required and corporate governance issues.

But guess what? If you take on a simple hr software system like HRLocker many of these issues can be made simple, repeatable and automated!

Our handy cloud based HR software has been created with small businesses and their people management wants and needs in mind.

HRLocker was set up to solve business issues as they arise, in fact before we had even made our HR software we were a HR consultancy so we know this domain well. At the end of the day HR (Human Resources) is only an acronym that is meant to sum up the huge group of tasks associated with managing and recruiting people.

Since the early days of HRLocker there has been one consistent question we ask when people come on trial of our product and we still ask it today:

What particular business problem are you looking to solve?

This is the most important question you need to ask yourself. When people come to us and say the want a HR System, that is like saying “I want a system that will solve all of my people management, people productivity, recruitment, training and performance management issues in my business”””” ( by the way HRLocker can do all of this).

And yes these are all important requirements, but why not take a more realistic approach and rather than trying to eat the whole elephant at once why not start off and eat the elephants ears first.

HRlocker logo over an elephant wading through hr software features?

If you are starting out and want to systemize your people management, training, recruitment and compliance efforts we advice taking it in steps.

Our system has different packages allowing a company to start off at the beginning with getting a handle on things like annual leave or time tracking. First you should select a system that can allow you to do this. You don’t want to buy the whole elephant now because by the time you get to eat parts of it, it will have gone off!

Solve business issues one step at a time, embed your solutions in your daily business and then look at solving the next one that causes you the most pain, costs you the most money or is stopping the business form progressing.

Going Paperless can save you a lot of problems and it may even save some elephants as well! Our planet needs more businesses to go paperless. Plus lack of easy access to information can hold your business back, wasting time and resources.

Going paperless can ready your business to deploy AI in the future (Artificial intelligence that will lead to more automation). Access to data in Real-time helps business owners make quick and accurate decisions. This is why access to information from anywhere is essential for the future of your company.

Our system can be accessed from anywhere on any device.

If you go paperless, your employees that are out on the road or working remotely can use HRLocker from wherever they are based on whatever device they wish. Resulting in being connected, better communication and more effective decision making.

We are here to help you escape from the clutter and disorganization of trying to do it all now. We recommend breaking it up into manageable chunks and implementing the chucks one by one. It is OK to delegate! With our help and support, implementing the change is a fairly pain free process and you may be surprised to find out how cost effective it is to do.

Our software can save you time and money by solving business issues, it is like having an additional (or several additional) employees! HRLocker automates recruitment, onboarding, document management, performance management, training, CPD management, holiday & leave tracking and so much more.

Our different packages, the features included and pricing can be seen here: HRLocker Pricing

Still not sure where to start, or what part of the elephant to eat first? Check out our Return on Investment Calculator to figure out how much using HRLocker will help to save in resources for your business.

HRLocker Return On Investment Calculator

HR Manager using a laptop and using a phone

Book a Call   with one of our helpful HRLocker team members. We are here to help you develop your business with ease and to take away the worries and fears around managing and hiring people and all of the associated pains that the collective acronym HR brings. If you would like more information about how we can help your company to manage, recruit, train and retain your most important asset, your people, give us a shout!

Or, if we already have you convinced, go ahead and register for our 14 day free trial. Don’t worry, there is no credit card required, and we will only reach out to help you make the best of your trial of the system.

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