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Holiday Tracker – Who’s Off Work and When?

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Without a holiday tracker system in place, going to request your time off’s often a hassle if your company doesn’t have any HR system to manage annual leave.

How do you know who’s off and when? And if one of two staff of equal status always have to be present, how do you when you can or cannot request days off or that week away in the sun or on the ski slope?

Holiday tracker in one calendar only!

Even if you have some kind of holiday tracker solution in place, consolidating that with your other company calendars can be a challenge.

Booking important meetings for example involves checking both the HR system and the company calendar. Time consuming and clunky. Especially during busy summer periods or over the festive season.

iCal to the rescue

Fear not, there is a solution! Thanks to the iCal format, it’s possible to link your HR system’s annual leave planner calendar with popular formats of company calendars such as Google calendars, Office 365/outlook and Apple/Mac calendars.

Now that’s a holiday tracker! Where you can see colleagues time off booked out in the company calendar and choose your slot for a break alongside the additional overview of other important company events.

Your HR manager will be happy as they won’t have to dive too deeply into the system to double check before they approve (with one click on your request notification) and there’s likely to be less stress between colleagues and less clashes with vital milestones or meetings within the organisation. Bingo!

And if you’re a small business without an HR manager, HR software focused on small businesses will do the same job and allow your managers to manage while leaving People Management admin to be automated like countless other Business Processes.

Once you’ve checked through the holiday tracker you can click on over to the bookings website – perfect!

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